NOCCCD Uses Mobile Connection to Deliver Mobile Apps to Multiple Platforms on Multiple Campuses

North Orange County Community College District described at Summit how the Mobile Connection is allowing the District to develop an m-App one time and then deliver it to multiple device platforms.

“The framework lets us develop an app once and provide it to multiple device platforms.  We don’t have to do a separate app for Apple, and another for Android and another for Blackberry,” said Deborah Ludford, district director, Information Services, NOCCCD. “Having this capability is critical because our students live in the mobile world.  If we can reach out and touch them in the mobile world, we will be more effective.”

The platform is built on open source software so the district did not have any additional upfront costs and does not have to worry about paying out an annual licensing fee.

More importantly than saving resources and cost, the platform enables the District to deliver consistent NOCCCD-branded mobile applications to all its campuses in Cypress, Fullerton and the School of Continuing Education. The District plans to release new apps along with new versions of the software in controlled rollouts.

“The most important benefit to the District is that the framework lets us develop mobile apps across our District in a consistent way. We have one set of m-Apps and one framework, providing us with standardization across campuses,” emphasized Ludford. “At the same time, the common development makes it possible for developers at all our campuses to contribute. It is a real collaborative effort. The concept of common development is the way of the future for us.”

To watch a video produced by student at NOCCCD about the new mobile applications, visit


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