Jamestown Community College Improves Faculty and Staff Satisfaction with FLAC

By implementing the Banner® Faculty Load and Automated Compensation (FLAC) module, Jamestown Community College is improving faculty and staff satisfaction by automating what was a complex, manual and error-prone process.

“People are impressed with the new process,” said Crystal Rose, assistant to the vice president and dean of Academic Affairs at Jamestown Community College. “The process is less cumbersome and easier to facilitate and execute. Our faculty really like it.”

With Banner FLAC, a module within Banner Human Resources, it is possible to process a new faculty contract and deliver it to payroll within about five minutes. Previously, the process took about a week. Depending on the timing, the contract might not be processed in time for the bi-monthly check run, and payment to the faculty member would be delayed until the next pay period.

“Before, we were crazy chasing paper,” recalled Rose. “Now our faculty get paid more quickly and with less chasing and shuffling of paper contracts.”

Using the solution, the College established faculty pay compensation rules, based on negotiated rates and flexible pay scales that are now used to automate salary calculations. The solution supports any changes in courseload such as new, reduced, or increased assignments by pulling that information directly from SunGard Higher Education Banner Student. After calculations are completed, the payroll system is automatically populated with the appropriate compensation. Faculty can review and acknowledge the terms online.

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