Food for Thought - The President's Dilemma...

Campus leaders are looking for new ideas and strategies to confront the challenges facing their institutions.  What types of changes are campus leaders making at your institution to adapt to new economic realities?

Perspectives on the Downturn: A Survey of Presidents
Source: Inside Higher Ed
Date: 3/4/11
A total of 956 campus chief executives responded to Inside Higher Ed's first Survey of College and University Presidents. Kenneth C. Green -- founder of the Campus Computing Project and a senior research consultant to Inside Higher Ed, prepared the report of the survey's results. The survey asked campus leaders an array of questions about how they and their institutions have navigated the current economic downturn, the biggest problems they face and the strategies they have used (effectively and not) in response, and which campus constituents have been most helpful (or not). The answers vary widely among sectors and types of institutions in many key areas.

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