Food for Thought - Competing for the Global Student

Global demand for education continues to grow.  In rapidly developing markets like China, India, Latin America, and the Middle East, education systems can not keep pace with student demand.  In search of the best educational opportunities, students look well beyond domestic options.  Competition for these global and highly mobile students is increasing at an institutional level, but also at a national level.  To compete effectively, institutions must develop strategies not only for successfully recruiting international students, but also providing services to address their unique needs.  What strategies are your institution using to serve this growing student population?

GLOBAL: International Student Choices Changing

Source: University World News
Date: 1/8/12
Not only are more students than ever before travelling abroad to realise their higher education ambitions, they are also increasingly gravitating away from traditional educational hotspots in order to do so - and this trend looks set to continue, with competition for international students growing worldwide.

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LATIN AMERICA: Pressures on marred HE systems
Source: University World News
Date: 1/8/12
Higher education systems in Latin America continue to lag behind much of the rest of the world in quality, graduation rates and coverage, and most analysts do not expect those issues to go away in 2012.

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