New Features Coming to the Commons!

The Commons is an ever evolving communication and collaboration tool.  We continually get requests and feedback from our customers and employees on ways we can improve the Commons to enhance the user experience.  As we make enhancements, we want to make sure that you are informed of any changes to the Commons.

When you login to the Commons tomorrow, you may notice two changes.  First, on our solution aligned communities, you will notice a new module.  We have added a Community Contacts module that will provide you with the names of the key contacts at SunGard Higher Education who support that solution.  Some of our customers felt it would be helpful to know who these individuals are, and we're happy to be able to provide that information to you.

The second change may take a little longer to notice.  If you've ever tried to navigate to one of our communities and you weren't logged in, you may have noticed a landing page that provided information for gaining access or logging in.  We've revamped that landing page to make it easier to find the information and links you need to access the information.

As always, let us know if you have a suggestion for an enhancement or change to the Commons.  Just visit the Commons Forum and start a discussion, and thanks to those who have already provide feedback and insight.



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