What’s Changing with Banner Project Horizon?

Aligning with our Open Digital Campus vision, we will deliver Banner 9 as the release structure to deliver the Banner Project Horizon user experience and value-add enhancements and components. 
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Travel and Expense Management Rocks!

Mary Grant, director of Procurement and Payment Services at Savannah College of Art (SCAD) and Design, gave a session at Summit on how the institution is benefitting from Banner Travel and Expense Management

Ovum Opinion Piece: “Open” demonstrates momentum at SunGard Summit

Nicole Engelbert, lead analyst at Ovum, published a Straight Talk piece after SunGard Summit in San Francisco. She writes:

SunGard Higher Education’s shift from the “Unified Digital Campus” to the “Open Digital Campus”, while subtle in its language, has proven more impactful in its execution. At its summit event this week, announcements abounded – but so did evidence that the decision to open its solution strategy is already paying off with better alignment to institutional needs and enhanced services. Even though sustaining this momentum will require SunGard to prepare for the unruliness of a more democratic relationship with its clients, early returns are encouraging.

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2010 Canadian Banner Users Conference -- Victoria BC CANADA

The University of Victoria is thrilled to host the 8th annual Canadian Banner Users Conference in beautiful Victoria British Columbia on September 28-30, 2010 at the Victoria Conference Centre.