Food for Thought - Managing Skyrocketing Student Need

The economic downturn will have a long-lasting impact on students and their families. As the economic recovery proceeds at a slow pace, students are needier than ever. In fact, the population of students with such dire financial need that the amount the federal government expect their families to pay is effectively zero is growing dramatically. What strategies are your institution using to address skyrocketing student financial need?



Food for Thought - Increasing Urgency to Rein in Costs

The Department of Ed is hoping to start a national dialogue around rising costs in higher education. As
the sector comes under increasing pressure to control rising costs and reduce student debt, what strategies is your institution using to address this critical challenge?

Secretary of Education Calls for Urgency on College Costs
Source: The New York Times
Date: 11/29/11
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan addressed a Las Vegas conference ...


Food for Thought - Education at the Tipping Point

As tuition levels have steadily increased, institutions and industry watchers have often wondered what the tipping point is – when students start turning away from higher education because it is simply out of reach.  Some suggest that the time is near, as the down economy, diminished public funding, and stubbornly high unemployment rates make it difficult for institutions to deliver students the same value they once received for their investmen...