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Food for Thought - "Shattering barriers to education"

MIT recently announced its first free interactive,  fully-automated online course. As new models of instruction emerge and institutions looks for new ways to deliver education to more diverse student populations, what role will "instructor-less" courses play in achieving institutional goals?

MIT launches free online 'fully automated' course
Source: BBC
Date: 2/13/12

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the world's top-rated un...


Food for Thought - Renewed momentum for eTextbooks...

Although eTextbook adoption in higher education is slower that some might anticipate, growth is steady. A recent Pew Research report indicated the eReader ownership doubled this past holiday season.  Apple's recent announcement about its entry into digital textbooks and self-publishing and its goal to provide a "a new textbook experience" provides a new surge in momentum toward the mainstreaming of eTextbooks. What impact will broader adoption o...

Food for Thought - Online Education Growing at Rapid Pace

As the number of online courses and programs proliferate, student demand for online courses continues to grow. Keeping pace with demand and delivering online education cost effectively remain key challenges for institutions.  What strategies are your institution using to address these challenges and ensure the quality of your online education programs?

Online enrollment in US exceeds 6 million students
Source: Babson College News Release


Food for Thought - Navigating Online Ed Rules and Regulations...

Institutions looking to expand beyond geographic boundaries through online education must confront the challenge of state authorization requirements.  Although the DOE has granted a reprieve, institutions face significant challenges in meeting the requirements of the new rule. How is your institution addressing this issue?

Colleges Get More Time to Comply With New Rule on State Authorization
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education


Food for Thought - Investing in online education

Although online education promises to be a cost-effective way for institutions to expand access, experts caution that it requires significant upfront investment to achieve economies of scale.  What strategies does your instituion use to grow and sustain your online programs?

Think You’ll Make Big Bucks in Online Ed? Not So Fast, Experts Say
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education
Date: 3/30/11
For universities facing tight ...


Summit Presentation Submission Deadline Extended to Wed 10/13

The Summit call-for-presentations system experienced performance issues Friday due to the significant volume of sessions that were being submitted. We apologize for the inconvenience and have extended the deadline to Wednesday, October 13.


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The SGHE Community Source Initiatve: A First Step into the Learning Cloud?

Writing here in the SunGard Higher Education Commons about how "Software ecosystems shorten the distance to value," my colleague Darren Wesemann makes a compelling case for SGHE's "Community Source Initiative," a collaborative effort led by Bill Thirsk (Marist College), Jack Kramer (SGHE) and others. In his comments, Darren invokes the "wisdom of the crowd" principle that is the cornerstone of what I believe can become the "learning cloud," prov...