Food for Thought - A Long, Slow Recovery for Charitable Giving

The slow and fragile economic recovery means that, despite recent gains, charitable giving is unlikely to return to its pre-recession levels any time soon. How has the downturn changed the way your institution approaches fundraising? What strategies is your institution using to address new economic realities?

Giving Rose by 2.1% Last Year, New Estimate Shows
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education
Date: 6/20/11
As many eco...


Food for Thought - Endowments bounce back

As endowments show signs of recovery, how can SGHE support institutions in managing their fundraising and investments more effectively?

Endowments at Universities See Gains After 2009 Losses
Source: The New York Times
Date: 1/27/11
The value of university endowments increased an average of 11.9 percent for fiscal 2010, making up most of the ground lost in the previous year, according to the comprehensive Nacubo...


Food for Thought - A new year, a new round of state budget cuts in higher education

Higher education budgets face further cuts  as state legislatures work to close huge budget shortfalls. In hard hit states like California, public institutions will likely face a new wave of budget cuts on top of double-digit cuts made over the last several years, while other states are being forced to cut even the most successful scholarship programs.  What must institutions do to address these new economic realities?



Summit Presentation Submission Deadline Extended to Wed 10/13

The Summit call-for-presentations system experienced performance issues Friday due to the significant volume of sessions that were being submitted. We apologize for the inconvenience and have extended the deadline to Wednesday, October 13.