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Food for Thought - Race to the Top for Higher Ed

President Obama would like to create incentives for states to smooth the transition between K-12 and college education--a program to build upon his Race to the Top program for K-12.  How is your institution working with the K-12 sector to improve the transition between secondary and post-secondary school?

Obama Proposes New Race to Top Aimed at Higher Ed.
Source: Education Week
Date: 1/27/12
The White House wants another Race to the Top com...


Food for Thought - Competing for the Global Student

Global demand for education continues to grow.  In rapidly developing markets like China, India, Latin America, and the Middle East, education systems can not keep pace with student demand.  In search of the best educational opportunities, students look well beyond domestic options.  Competition for these global and highly mobile students is increasing at an institutional level, but also at a national level.  To compete effectively, institutions...

Food for Thought - Imagining the University of the Future...

As forces like globalization and consumerization reshape the landscape of higher education, what will your institution look like in 10 years? 20 years?  What needs to happen on your campus to make that vision a reality?

Envisioning University Of Future, In Person Or Online
Source: The New York Times
Date: 10/23/11
Will the university of the future be bigger — or smaller? Are college campuses still cradles of revolt — or merely marginal spe...


Food for Thought - The Student Success Data Challenge

As money flows from public and private sources into higher education to address student success and completion challenges, many institutions are looking at solutions to help them better understand and act upon student risk factors.  However, the rapid adoption of new analytical tools raises concerns over how data is being used and whether schools are using funds effectively to move the needle. What strategies or approaches are your institution u...

Food for Thought - Competing for Students in a Down Economy

The enrollment surge fueled by the recession and a slow job market recovery may be coming to an end.  As competition for students grows, what approaches are your institution taking to attract, enroll, and retain students as many continue to face economic hardship?

 A New Brand
Source: Inside Higher Ed
Date: 10/2/11
David R. Perry could probably land a marketing executive job at a Fortune 500 company. But this fall Perry began his new job as...


Food for Thought - The Brave New World of Performance-Based funding...

As more states adopt performance-based funding models, what steps are your institution taking to adapt to these new measures, standards, and requirements for public funding?

Performance-Based Funding for Higher Ed: Lessons Learned
Source: Stateline
Date: 9/8/11
As more states consider whether and how to move toward performance-based funding for colleges and universities, here is a look at what can be learned from the early adopters of perfor...


Food for Thought - Serving the Global Student...

Student mobility will grow as student demand in developing countries is projected to grow and far-exceed capacity in fast growing markets like India, the Middle East and Latin America.  Universities all over the world are looking for ways to compete for these global students to offset declining enrollment in their own countries. But there are many challenges associated in meeting their needs effectively—whether it is in helping them navigate com...

Food for Thought - Measuring the Value of College

Policies like Gainful Employment focus on drawing more direct links between degree completion and student employability.  Another way of looking at the issue is how much a degree costs and how much debt a student takes on for different kinds of credentials. What approach is your institution using to assess and measure performance and student success?

To Get at College 'Value,' Report Looks at Student Debt and Degree Completion Together


Food for Thought - Ratcheting up uncertainty...

The current federal and state regulatory environments are ratcheting up the level of uncertainty for students and institutions. What is your institution doing to navigate the dynamic regulatory environment and assess the implications of different policy proposals and adapt to regulatory changes more effectively?

Anxiety and Uncertainty
Source: Inside Higher Ed
Date: 7/27/11
As the Aug. 2 deadline for increasing the federal debt limit approa...


Food for Thought - The Ever Shifting Student Aid Landscape...

Over the last couple of years, regulatory changes have transformed the student aid landscape in very dramatic ways. How is your institution keeping up and adapting to these changes?  What support is needed to ensure that students are able to navigate the process successfully?

Frustration with the Feds 
Source: Inside Higher Ed
Date: 7/19/11
In sessions on diverse topics at the annual convention for the National Association of Student Financi...