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Food for Thought - Entering the Era of Big Data

Higher education has been slow to take advantage of the promises of big data compared to other sectors. However, recent work funded by the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation is starting to shed light on the realm of possibilities for applying data mining and analytical techniques to teaching and learning.  How does your institution leverage data to understand what works and doesn't work with students?

Big Data's Arrival

Source: Inside Highe...


Food for Thought - The Brave New World of Performance-Based funding...

As more states adopt performance-based funding models, what steps are your institution taking to adapt to these new measures, standards, and requirements for public funding?

Performance-Based Funding for Higher Ed: Lessons Learned
Source: Stateline
Date: 9/8/11
As more states consider whether and how to move toward performance-based funding for colleges and universities, here is a look at what can be learned from the early adopters of perfor...


Food for Thought - Clearing the way for student data tracking systems...

To help achieve the administration's goal to be able to track student performance and outcomes throughout the student lifecycle with state-based student data tracking systems, the DOE is issuing new FERPA rules to make it easier for states to develop these systems.  Is your institution engaged in developing these student data systems?  How will your institution use the information tracked by these systems?  What steps are being taken to protect ...

Food for Thought - Making sense out of the data deluge...

As states work to create longitudinal data systems, the need for system and service providers that can help them effectively link systems, make data accessible, and create a new culture of effective data use is growing.  How can SGHE support states and institutions as they work to address these issues?

States Making Swift Progress on Student Data Systems
Source: Data Quality Campaign
Date: 2/8/11
The DQC's ...


Food for Thought - A new year, a new round of state budget cuts in higher education

Higher education budgets face further cuts  as state legislatures work to close huge budget shortfalls. In hard hit states like California, public institutions will likely face a new wave of budget cuts on top of double-digit cuts made over the last several years, while other states are being forced to cut even the most successful scholarship programs.  What must institutions do to address these new economic realities?



Summit Presentation Submission Deadline Extended to Wed 10/13

The Summit call-for-presentations system experienced performance issues Friday due to the significant volume of sessions that were being submitted. We apologize for the inconvenience and have extended the deadline to Wednesday, October 13.


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Gartner Webinar: Does Business Intelligence Equal Better Decision Making?

Join Gartner on Wednesday, June 16, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am EDT for a webinar on Does Business Intelligence Equal Better Decision Making?

Organizations collect data in order to analyze it, and they do analysis to make better decisions, so why is decision support such a poorly received concept in the BI space?

This session will outline the latest popular thinking in decision theory and relate it to the contribution that BI can usefully make.

What You Will Learn

• How do we use analysis to drive decisions?
• How do we ensure that decisions are driven by analysis?
• What else do we need for good decisions?

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