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Food for Thought - Entering the Era of Big Data

Higher education has been slow to take advantage of the promises of big data compared to other sectors. However, recent work funded by the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation is starting to shed light on the realm of possibilities for applying data mining and analytical techniques to teaching and learning.  How does your institution leverage data to understand what works and doesn't work with students?

Big Data's Arrival

Source: Inside Highe...


Food for Thought - Race to the Top for Higher Ed

President Obama would like to create incentives for states to smooth the transition between K-12 and college education--a program to build upon his Race to the Top program for K-12.  How is your institution working with the K-12 sector to improve the transition between secondary and post-secondary school?

Obama Proposes New Race to Top Aimed at Higher Ed.
Source: Education Week
Date: 1/27/12
The White House wants another Race to the Top com...


Food for Thought - Renewed momentum for eTextbooks...

Although eTextbook adoption in higher education is slower that some might anticipate, growth is steady. A recent Pew Research report indicated the eReader ownership doubled this past holiday season.  Apple's recent announcement about its entry into digital textbooks and self-publishing and its goal to provide a "a new textbook experience" provides a new surge in momentum toward the mainstreaming of eTextbooks. What impact will broader adoption o...

Food for Thought - Managing Skyrocketing Student Need

The economic downturn will have a long-lasting impact on students and their families. As the economic recovery proceeds at a slow pace, students are needier than ever. In fact, the population of students with such dire financial need that the amount the federal government expect their families to pay is effectively zero is growing dramatically. What strategies are your institution using to address skyrocketing student financial need?



Food for Thought - Imagining the University of the Future...

As forces like globalization and consumerization reshape the landscape of higher education, what will your institution look like in 10 years? 20 years?  What needs to happen on your campus to make that vision a reality?

Envisioning University Of Future, In Person Or Online
Source: The New York Times
Date: 10/23/11
Will the university of the future be bigger — or smaller? Are college campuses still cradles of revolt — or merely marginal spe...


Food for Thought - The Student Success Data Challenge

As money flows from public and private sources into higher education to address student success and completion challenges, many institutions are looking at solutions to help them better understand and act upon student risk factors.  However, the rapid adoption of new analytical tools raises concerns over how data is being used and whether schools are using funds effectively to move the needle. What strategies or approaches are your institution u...

Food for Thought - Competing for Students in a Down Economy

The enrollment surge fueled by the recession and a slow job market recovery may be coming to an end.  As competition for students grows, what approaches are your institution taking to attract, enroll, and retain students as many continue to face economic hardship?

 A New Brand
Source: Inside Higher Ed
Date: 10/2/11
David R. Perry could probably land a marketing executive job at a Fortune 500 company. But this fall Perry began his new job as...


Food for Thought - The Brave New World of Performance-Based funding...

As more states adopt performance-based funding models, what steps are your institution taking to adapt to these new measures, standards, and requirements for public funding?

Performance-Based Funding for Higher Ed: Lessons Learned
Source: Stateline
Date: 9/8/11
As more states consider whether and how to move toward performance-based funding for colleges and universities, here is a look at what can be learned from the early adopters of perfor...


Food for Thought - 43% of All Grades Are an "A"

Grade inflation is often cited as a key issue in higher education by faculty.  Many worry that over time educational standards are being lowered and the new drive to graduate more students may only continue to drive down these standards. As more institutions are evaluated on performance metrics like graduation and completion rates, how is your institution addressing the challenge of grade inflation?

Grade inflation rising on US campuses


Food for Thought - Global Competition Transforming Higher Education...

Higher education is transforming across the western and developing worlds as countries look for ways to address growing student demand and control costs. As global competition for students grows, what is your institution doing to attract students from around the world and serve the needs of a more diverse student body effectively?

UK: Plan to Restructure British Higher Ed
Source: Inside Higher Ed
Date: 6/29/11
The British go...