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Getting Value from Technology Investments

Headed to Summit or Virtual Summit? Join me & my colleagues for sessions on making the most of your technology investments.

  • Technology Enablement Services (with Gideon Sanstra). Preparing your institution for new technologies such as Banner 9 and Mobile Connections.  Session 1526, Tuesday @ 1:30. 
  • Organizational Readiness. Preparing the organization for business and technology transformation.  Session 1749, Tuesday @ 3:30.
  • Mobile Connection Turn-Key Solutions (with Gideon Sanstra). Services to help your institution in using the Mobile Connection framework. Session 1522, Wednesday @ 9:30.
  • Moving Human Resources from Transactional to Strategic. Session  1744, Wednesday @ 3:30.

Take advantage also of many great sessions led by customers on maximizing your technology investments, as well as opportunities to join me and my colleagues in the lounges for more targeted conversations on this thread.



Food for Thought - Race to the Top for Higher Ed

President Obama would like to create incentives for states to smooth the transition between K-12 and college education--a program to build upon his Race to the Top program for K-12.  How is your institution working with the K-12 sector to improve the transition between secondary and post-secondary school?

Obama Proposes New Race to Top Aimed at Higher Ed.
Source: Education Week
Date: 1/27/12
The White House wants another Race to the Top com...


Food for Thought - The Brave New World of Performance-Based funding...

As more states adopt performance-based funding models, what steps are your institution taking to adapt to these new measures, standards, and requirements for public funding?

Performance-Based Funding for Higher Ed: Lessons Learned
Source: Stateline
Date: 9/8/11
As more states consider whether and how to move toward performance-based funding for colleges and universities, here is a look at what can be learned from the early adopters of perfor...


Does Information Technology *still* not Matter?

Nicholas Carr’s May 2003 Harvard Business Review article “IT Doesn’t Matter” created a firestorm in Information Technology management circles when Mr. Carr stated that the strategic value of Information Technology declines as the supported services become commoditized.  In Mr. Carr’s words: “From a strategic standpoint, they become invisible; they no longer matter”.  What was once strategic is now a commodity.

A Better Way:

What was lost in th...


Reporting and Process Impacts

With tightening budgets, increased public scrutiny, and changing regulatory and compliance requirements, institutions increasingly face pressures to achieve excellence in all areas of institutional operations, including the business processes through which they deliver services.
How well are you measuring the effectiveness of your institution's business processes? And how well do you use that measurement information to improve your processes?

Food for Thought - Reimaging the Future of Higher Education...

Leaders in higher education are looking for new strategies to address the challenges confronting their institutions. This means rethinking the old ways of doing things and redefining new roles and opportunities on campus.  At a time when higher education, as a whole, is under tremendous pressure to rethink fundamental assumptions, how is your institution reimagining its future and preparing to manage the change necessary to get there?

Is Co...


Food for Thought - A new year, a new round of state budget cuts in higher education

Higher education budgets face further cuts  as state legislatures work to close huge budget shortfalls. In hard hit states like California, public institutions will likely face a new wave of budget cuts on top of double-digit cuts made over the last several years, while other states are being forced to cut even the most successful scholarship programs.  What must institutions do to address these new economic realities?



Recording Link Now Available: Cuyahoga Community College’s approach to ERP Revitalization

Sixteen months ago Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) came face-to-face with a challenging situation. Their Banner SIS had been in place for 10 years, they had performed regular updates, and yet were not delighted with the system.

Hear their story:


Summit Presentation Submission Deadline Extended to Wed 10/13

The Summit call-for-presentations system experienced performance issues Friday due to the significant volume of sessions that were being submitted. We apologize for the inconvenience and have extended the deadline to Wednesday, October 13.


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