Food for Thought - Competing for Students in a Down Economy

The enrollment surge fueled by the recession and a slow job market recovery may be coming to an end.  As competition for students grows, what approaches are your institution taking to attract, enroll, and retain students as many continue to face economic hardship?

 A New Brand
Source: Inside Higher Ed
Date: 10/2/11
David R. Perry could probably land a marketing executive job at a Fortune 500 company. But this fall Perry began his new job as...


Food for Thought - Admissions in the New Economic Reality

Admissions officers are caught in the nexus of rising costs, increasing competition, and reduced funding. As institutions face this new economic reality, pressure to close gaps opened by funding cutbacks and compete more aggressively for full-tuition students is changing the role of the admissions officer.  How is your admissions office balancing these competing institutional priorities?
Universities Seeking Out Students of Means
Source: T...

Food for Thought - Scaling back on financial aid...

Just a few years after elite universities led the way in significantly expanding financial aid, the same universities, under increasing financial pressure, are starting to scale back. How will financial aid cuts impact recruitment and enrollment at your institution?

What to Do as Colleges Cut Back on Financial Aid
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Date: 2/23/11
Amid greater financial pressures, colleges are scaling back their ...


Food for Thought - Moving the needle on graduation rates...

Even as enrollments climb, graduation rates remain flat. As institutions come under more pressure to raise graduation rates, many must look for creative ways to help students manage multiple and competing priorities.  Student services like advising are in higher demand than ever.  How can institutions add capacity to critical student services?

College Enrollments Continue to Climb, While Grad...


Banner Relationship Management Helps Tarleton State University Exceed Enrollment Goals

Tarleton State University recently reported that it dramatically increased its enrollment numbers for fall 2010, due in part to its strategic use of the Banner Enrollment Management solution from SunGard Higher Education.

At the end of July, Tarleton reported that its enrollment was up 18 percent from the previous year. Tarleton University’s current enrollment of 1,467 new students exceeds its goal of 1,334. In addition, the number of tran...

Associated Press Article: Jump in US College Enrollment Highest in 40 Years


WASHINGTON — The nation's colleges are attracting record numbers of new students as more Hispanics finish high school and young adults opt to pursue a higher education rather than languish in a weak job market.

A study released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center highlights the growing diversity in higher education amid debate over the role of race in college admissions and controversy over Arizona's new ban on ethnic st...