Malvern, PA, May 17, 2011 -

SunGard Higher Education has teamed its SmartCall system for telefundraising programs with Harris Connect’s TeleMax Consulting caller training and TeleMax Resident Director onsite management programs to help development offices more effectively and efficiently manage their call center operations. Additionally, for organizations that do not operate their own call centers, Harris Connect offers outsourcing capabilities.

“This collaborative relationship between SunGard Higher Education and Harris Connect provides a full solution of telefundraising software and services for colleges and universities,” said Bill Kavan, vice president, advancement at SunGard Higher Education. “With our two companies working together, this combined solution helps advancement offices shorten the time it takes to put  a high-impact telefundraising strategy in place or improve their existing operations. SmartCall brings progressive dialing capability, helping provide greater efficiency complemented by an institution’s choice of training, onsite management or call outsourcing services.” 

SunGard Higher Education’s SmartCall system enables calling lists to be built and refined in minutes. Custom formatted e-mail acknowledgments can be sent by callers after each call. Pledge reminders can be easily customized using any data element in the system. The system includes over a hundred standard reports to analyze a single caller’s performance, a daily shift, or an entire campaign and archived data from past campaigns can be accessed in order to produce statistical analyses from year-to-year.

TeleMax Resident Director onsite management program places highly skilled and experienced fundraising professionals on campus to oversee a school’s phone room and student callers. This encompasses working with development staff to help design, implement and evaluate campaigns as well as manage the day-to-day operations of the phone room, including the recruitment and ongoing training of student callers.

TeleMax Consulting gives development staff access to fundraising specialists for guidance and advice on successfully running their phone programs. This includes caller training and ask strategies, program design and goal setting, and benchmarking. According to Harris Connect, it has helped customers who have utilized TeleMax Resident Director and/or TeleMax Consulting services to realize higher pledge rates, higher pledge dollars and higher acquisition rates of new donors.

“The synthesis of the complementary technology and services deliver a foundation to help achieve donor relationship and revenue goals,” said Kurt Worrell, senior vice president consumer and client sales, Harris Connect. “The efficiencies provided through SmartCall when teamed with TeleMax services help empower development staff to build better bonds with donors, accelerate participation, increase pledge rates and increase pledge amounts.”

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