Food for Thought - Increasing Urgency to Rein in Costs

by Liz Casals Ellucian on December 14 2011, 04:21 PM

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The Department of Ed is hoping to start a national dialogue around rising costs in higher education. As the sector comes under increasing pressure to control rising costs and reduce student debt, what strategies is your institution using to address this critical challenge?

Secretary of Education Calls for Urgency on College Costs
Source: The New York Times
Date: 11/29/11
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan addressed a Las Vegas conference of college financial aid workers on Tuesday, urging officials to "think more creatively -- and with much greater urgency" about ways to contain costs and reduce student debt. He also sketched out three Department of Education initiatives using the same kind of financial incentives he has previously used to spur K-12 reform.

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Amid Protests by Students and Others, CUNY Trustees Vote to Raise Tuition
Source: The New York Times
Date: 11/28/11
With a raucous protest outside summoning all of the volume, but not the violence, of a similar clash last week, City University trustees approved on Monday a series of $300 annual tuition increases that will extend through 2015.

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