Food for Thought - The Personalization of Higher Ed

by Liz Casals Ellucian on April 23 2012, 11:15 PM

Tags: business intelligence , student services , student data , personalization


As more institutions are working to integrate new processes and practices to leverage student data more effectively in such areas as student retention efforts, recruiting and admissions, and fundraising -- there is renewed interest in the promise of delivering a more personalized learning experience to every student.  How is your institution leveraging student data to improve student experiences?

Colleges Are Pressured to Open Up Student Data
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education
Date: 4/15/12
College campuses are hothouses of data, including course schedules, degree requirements, and grades. But much of the information remains spread out across software systems or locked on university servers. Now a crowd of start-ups has emerged with hopes of prying out those rich data sets to build an app economy for universities—a world of new personalized services that could transform the student experience. The idea of opening data to consumers has already spread to such industries as health care and energy.

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