Posting options - how to post with an attachment or embedded link

10/21/2011 3:54:42 PM|

You may wish to start a discussion or comment on a discussion and you may want to attach a file or embed a link to an outside reference.
  - Invoke the editor as usual by starting your discussion or comment and see below

Posting with an attachment

Suppose your are entering a new discussion (or replying with a comment) and you want to include an attachment file that you have externally created and it is named Test.doc. 
(Since you will be uploading a new document, you will be able to skip step #3 below.)






Continue in the editor until done, and then Scroll to the bottom and "Post / Save".

Embedding a link within your post

You may have a need to embed a link within your text.  The link may be anywhere - it may be within the platform or to an external site. You simply need to know the full address of the location.

Suppose you would like to link to the SunGard Higher Education site:
1)  Simply enter the text that you wish to become the linked text. 
     In this case we will use:    SunGard Higher Education    as the text.

2)  Then use your cursor to highlight the text  (to select that text)
                                            SunGard Higher Education

3)  Then click the 'Hyperlink Manager" icon   (it looks like a globe with a chain under it)  
       [or press CTRL + K] 

4)  Enter the destination for the url  after the http://
        (notice the link text was already captured by the text you highlighted)

      You may click OK now or exercise additional options
        -  Target will determine where to open the link
        -  Tooltip will provide text that displays when you hover your cursor over the link text

5)  I will recommend using the 'target' drop down - when you are selecting a link external tot he Commons.
        - Select new Window

        so that the link will open in a new tab or new window, preserving your current window activity.
        (Otherwise, your destination may not provide a means to return back to this origination point.)

        If 'None" is left as the target, then the destination content will occupy the current window, replacing the original content.

6)  Press 'OK' - and the link has been made

7)  You must also scroll down and Press 'Save'  to confirm all your edit changes


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