Withdrawals on SSB

We allow students to completely withdraw from classes via self-service (SSB).  However, this will not trigger the enrollment status to change from EL to WS in INB.  How can we make this happen or determine who needs to have a status change?

Banner Advancement and Finance QUICK benchmarking survey

We at YU are currently implementing Banner Finance, we have been on Banner Advancement for a while.

We are trying to do some industry benchmarking and I was wondering if you could help us by answering this quick 8 question survey using the link below by Friday September 14th


If you are not the right person, if you could direct this email to the right person at your institution, I would be most a...


How to Pay Vendors by ACH in Banner

We would like to pay vendors by ACH deposit versus paper check.  I am interested in gathering information on how other institutions are able to do this within Banner.  We looked at implementing this process about 5 years ago, before my time at the University.  I am interested in finding current information on how this process is run within Banner.  If anyone can give me assistance on some or all of the following questions it would be greatly app...

Setting up volunteers in Banner

We just went live in January and we are interested in seeing how other institutions set up volunteers in Banner. Do you put them in SPAIDEN only?

Any help would be great.

Roberta Mackey, MPA
Gulf Coast State College
Panama City, Fl

When to change a course ID/title

If your institution wants to change a 4-credit course to a 2-credit course (but with the same content), do you automatically change the course ID & title? Do you change only the course ID? Do you do something else?

Converting GUALETR letters to SOAELTR letters...

The question has recently been raised as to whether or not there is a known method or utility for converting letters that exist in GUALETR for use in SOAELTR.  There are appoximately 420 that our institution needs to convert and doing it by hand is going to take a considerable amount of time.  We have queried Ellucian and there is apparently no official way of doing this.  So before we proceed with rolling our own solution or doing it manua...


Hi We use the reschedule for disburse funds.  When changes are made in SOATERM we have to run an RPEPELL process for system evaluate that changes...please let me know.

Thanks a lot...take care

Reporting Geographic Recruitment Territories to Blackboard Analytics

Are there any institutions out there that are associating students with geographic recruitment territories in Banner (maybe using SOAGEOR) so that they can be reported in Blackboard Analytics? If so, would you be willing to answer some of our questions and share your setup?

Thanks in advance!

DegreeWorks: Pre-Defined Notes

We wanted to know, if anyone out there would be willing to share with us, here at the Kern Community College District, a list of pre-defined notes that they are using within DegreeWorks?

Web for Admissions - no future so need to move on

I would like to hear from institutions that are using on-line admissions products that can push applications in to SAAADMS and contain more functionality than Ellucian’s Web for Admissions Module. Specifically the ability to upload a document, fully customizable question/answer web parts, more flexibility with curriculum/application types.  At our institution we have finally got the majority of our Schools/programs to use the web admissions of B...