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Vicki Tambellini will host a workshop at the ELCE12 Conference Tuesday, Sept 25th

The Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo will be held September 25th -27th in Irvine, California. Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO of The Tambellini Group, LLC, will host a workshop focusing on "Creating a Social Learning Hive" at the conference on Tuesday, September 25th.

Almost 40% of enterprises are leveraging social networks for learning and collaboration. (Even more for recruiting and branding.) Yet, many enterprises are using public...

edu1world Seeks Community Feedback

Since 2008, edu1world is the largest online community of higher education administration technology professionals.  As we approach our 4th anniversary, we continue to ask the global community for feedback and information to help us serve you best.

University blogs are now available using the same HiveSocial Now SaaS software that we use on edu1world.  Vendors are also able to establish user communities and topical networks including communities...

Who owns your data?

The question, "Who owns your data?" is being asked more often these days.  The answer may be surprising to some.  It depends on where you put your data.  This week The Chronicle of Higher Education covered a story about a University of Nevada at Reno librarian who created profiles of Joe McDonald and Leola Lewis. On January 11, 2012, Facebook deleted the profiles because they violated the social network's terms of service.

Prior to January 11...

Innovation on Campus: Changing the DNA of Higher Education

Real innovation isn’t common in higher education, especially at the most prestigious schools.

They are presumed to have gotten where they are because they have the formula right. Their nearest competitors try to be more like them, not to find novel ways of outdoing them. In an academic world where nothing succeeds like success, innovation is rare because it is seen as risky, even foolhardy.

But change is coming to higher education.


Is Blackboard Security an Issue?

According to a blog posted today, "millions of student exams, tests and data exposed".
Darren Pauli writes that Blackboard's Learn product contains "holes that allow students to change grades and download unpublished exams whilst allowing criminals to steal personal information".  The blog, published in Australia, reports that Blackboard initially ignored customer complaints before releasing a statement.

While the blog was published last nig...

Blackboard: A Tale Of 2 Companies - Company Secrets

When Blackboard’s business is carefully pulled apart, a very different picture emerges from what management has shown the world. In reality, it is two companies: The company that Providence thinks it is buying has grown rapidly and moved aggressively to expand its product offerings. Widely held, it is a market leading software company whose brand is well-known.

Financial Investigator Slams Blackboard

In an article published on Monday, the Financial Investigator is very critical of "Mr. Chasen's Two Companies".

The author indicates that the Blackboard is made up of the company that "is" and the company that the external world sees.  Reportedly, Michael Chasen will walk away with a $30 million dollar "nest egg" if the acquisition goes through.

Among other things, the blog accuses the software maker of potential improper actions with fede...

Blackboard Acquisition - Analysis of License Numbers

Analysis of public license data indicates loss of at least 150 LMS clients per year

Update:  Reposted due to display problems on site.

In part 1 of my posts on the Blackboard acquisition, I laid out the key facts and assumptions - what we know and what we think we know.  In part 2, I argued that Blackboard is picking up only a negligible amount of new Learn clients.  In this post, I present the case that Blackboard is losing hundreds of LMS customers each year based on publicly-available license data and third-party analysis . . .


Blackboard Acquisition Likely to be Announced Tomorrow

According to Reuters, a deal is likely to be announced tomorrow.  Sources close to the company report that debt financing is being provided by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. 

While it seems certain that Blackboard will be acquired by Providence Equity Partners, the implications for customers are not as clear.

Providence Equity Partners is an investor in a number of high technology firms providing solutions to the education market.  An acquisition by Providence Equity Partners could implicate a change in direction for several key administration solution providers including SunGard Higher Education and others.

We'll keep you posted!


Anupreeta Das of WSJ reports SunGard Investor is in "exclusive talks" to buy Blackboard

According to a story published just minutes ago, all but Providence Equity Partners have dropped out of negotiations with Blackboard.

In part, the article reads, "Buyout firm Providence Equity Partners is in exclusive talks to buy educational software company Blackboard."

The firm, Providence Equity Partners, holds a stake in SunGard, Hulu and others.  Providence Equity Partners is part of the group of investors that purchased SunGard in 2005. 

As a result of a number of confidentiality agreements, I am unable to comment or provide any opinion on this matter.  Sorry members!  I can only publish what's public information.


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