Death Threats? Please, Just Unsubscribe

I know we all get a lot of email. Like most people I know, I delete more mail than I open and read. When I do not want to be contacted, I "unsubscribe" from mailing lists. At edu1world, we use iContact to manage our newsletter and contact lists. This is the best and safest way for us to know for sure that we follow your wishes as well as the law.

When members sign up for edu1world, our terms of use indicate that we will send newsletters and i...

Is Blackboard Security an Issue?

According to a blog posted today, "millions of student exams, tests and data exposed".
Darren Pauli writes that Blackboard's Learn product contains "holes that allow students to change grades and download unpublished exams whilst allowing criminals to steal personal information".  The blog, published in Australia, reports that Blackboard initially ignored customer complaints before releasing a statement.

While the blog was published last nig...

Anupreeta Das of WSJ reports SunGard Investor is in "exclusive talks" to buy Blackboard

According to a story published just minutes ago, all but Providence Equity Partners have dropped out of negotiations with Blackboard.

In part, the article reads, "Buyout firm Providence Equity Partners is in exclusive talks to buy educational software company Blackboard."

The firm, Providence Equity Partners, holds a stake in SunGard, Hulu and others.  Providence Equity Partners is part of the group of investors that purchased SunGard in 2005. 

As a result of a number of confidentiality agreements, I am unable to comment or provide any opinion on this matter.  Sorry members!  I can only publish what's public information.


Vicki Tambellini

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Vendors and edu employees Steal edu1world IP. It's True.

Our members are very important to us and we are grateful that you take the time to visit the site, read the content and use the information we provide.  We think that nearly everyone that utilizes the site honors the terms of service and the user agreement that they agree to when they register.

Perhaps it's to be expected that some people will break the rules when given the opportunity.  I'm always disappointed when I find that to be the case. ...