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The Writing Process!

In this article I tell you about the writing process.

You can also look at the infographic of writing process by omnipapers.com.


1. Prewriting Getting It Together

Prewriting is everything you do get ready to write: planning, outlining, studying, brainstorming, interviewing, mind-maping, note-takong, etc.

2. Drafting: Getting It Down

Drafting is composing the firs draft of your paper. This is something called the rough draft becaus...

Features for UK assignment writing with case study

As you move higher on the academic ladder things starts to get tough. Even assignments become very difficult to handle. You will have to prove your point with evidence, present appropriate examples or asked to implement the theoretical knowledge into real world situations. This may not be easy but you will have to adjust if you want to survive at the top level of education.

Distance and geographical barriers are not an issue anymore thanks to...

5 Preparatory Steps to Writing an Essay

It is true that the creation of written pieces is not a simple and quick task. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to tackle. You just need to know the rules and to follow a steady course in the right direction. Follow these steps to writing an essay to do everything right and to achieve your goal. They focus on the preparation for the writing work. When you are properly prepared, you will write the piece much more quickly a...


Saint Joseph Seminary College Selects Three Rivers Systems’ CAMS Enterprise as Its Higher Education ERP System

Cites automation of routine tasks, improved reporting capabilities, and productivity boosts as key decision criteria

St. Louis, MO: Saint Joseph Seminary College, a private four-year college and seminary located in St. Benedict, Louisiana, has selected Three Rivers Systems’ CAMS Enterprise as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The institution plans to use the software to improve processes, reduce paperwork and increase opera...


Must See TV (This Thursday)

Attendees at TargetX’s annual CRM Summit this summer in Vegas received a sneak peek at a new documentary, “Ivory Tower: Is College Worth the Cost?“, produced by CNN.  Thankfully, we had a cocktail hour prior to the screening as for some it was a movie with a tough message to absorb for those of us in higher education.

Is this thing on?

Yesterday marked the beginning of the college search process with my daughter, Sarah, by traveling a couple of miles into the City of Brotherly Love for the National College Fair at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  My first encounter with this fair was in 1990 when it was at the former Philadelphia Conference Center and I was a much younger first year admission counselor.

Find Great Reusable Content With Creative Commons and This Easy Advanced Search Technique

Use Creative Commons Licensing to Find Images, Video, Audio, and Other Content you can use, Share, and Alter. Want an easy way to search out different kinds of content that users have published with the expressly stated right to re-use, edit, and otherwise share with permission? It’s probably easier than you think! By combining a […]

7 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have Proper Education

To be a student can be both fun and stressful. Of course nothing is easy when you study, you might think that at some point you feel like you can handle it very well. The truth is that once you give your full focus on studying at the back of your mind you want to strive harder to get a better education.
At some point when you start to get serious in studying, there will be a part of you that thinks maturely. It also means that you have to prepa...

EDEN research papers: OERs (inc. MOOCs), quality/assessment, social media, analytics and research methods

EDEN has now published a second report on my review of papers submitted to the EDEN research workshop in Oxford a couple of weeks ago. All the full papers for the workshop can be accessed here. Main lessons (or unanswered questions) I took away: OERs and MOOCs what does awarding badges of certificates for MOOCs or other […]

Paying for College

Over the last several years we have rightfully been obsessing about student debt. Many students are taking on too much debt. The cost of college can also be a turnoff for poor students who understand debt but don’t necessarily understand foregone earnings. Why go to school for four years, incur debt, and end up with […]