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1099 line item


In our Accounts Payable department, an invoice was received with two line items. One line required a 1099 be issued and the other did not. Has anyone come across this type of invoice and how did you handle it? 


Regina Bazile
Florida Institute of Technology

Divestment, Activism, and Voice II

Last spring there was discussion about the need for ‘SC to stop doing business with companies that work in Bangladesh. I was asked by a variety of different individuals and groups to sign one or another letter. Before I sign on to things I feel that I need to do my homework and in a […]

Transforming university teaching and learning: UBC’s strategy for flexible learning

UBC campus, Vancouver BC Flexible Learning Implementation Team (2014) Flexible Learning – Charting a Strategic Vision for UBC (Vancouver Campus. Vancouver BC: Office of the Provost, University of British Columbia The University of British Columbia is one of Canada’s premier research universities with almost 60,000 students. It usually features within the top 30 universities worldwide in […]

10 Pretty Awesome Things You Can do With PowerPoint

When Used With Tact, These Techniques can Help to Make Your Presentations Fun and Engaging It’d easy to bash PowerPoint, especially given the poor uses we see all too often … plain boring slides with no personality, or worse yet … slides that are inundated with text, delivered by monotone lecturers lacking enthusiasm. But this […]

Good Stuff x 2

During the 2014–2015 school year, I am very much looking forward to piloting wrap-around curriculum for the games we developed in collaboration with the USC Game Innovation Lab. The first up is FutureBound. FutureBound is a game designed to engage middle school students in learning about college. Through game play, students develop an understanding for […]

Taking Course Design Seriously (Finally)

When I first entered the field of online education back in 1997, the first 56.6 kps modems were appearing in homes. Universities treated educators with an interest in “distance education” with suspicion or indifference. Most institutions had no more than a handful of online courses. It was largely a faculty-led effort; few university Strategic Plans […]

Teaching a Child to Ride a Bike via Lecture

Well done. A great (because it’s simple) explanation of active learning techniques. Filed under: Inspiration, Instructional Strategy

Hand-Picked Selections> Week of September 08 2014

“Worth Reading” is a hand-picked weekly collection of new, not-so-new articles and downright old ideas, events and other items for higher education professionals. 1 UMUC: The Future of Learning An animated promotional video from UMUC outlines what its vision of the future of online higher education. The vision includes, notably, competency-based assessment use of mentors as […]

September APP ED REVIEW Roundup – Apps for Video Creation Projects

iPad Video Creation Apps are Great for Student Projects (and for Teachers too!) Few strategies can get students more engaged in the classroom than creative projects. Teachers can embrace the Information Generation’s learning preferences by integrating these video-creation apps below into their assignments, which can really amp up classroom engagement! Plus, differentiating classroom projects that […]

Where’s Rieber Hall?

Late one night last fall, I ended up driving through the UCLA campus after the LA Metro Transportation Authority, Caltrans, and Kiewit decided to reroute me and other drivers off the 405 freeway for the one-millionth time in the last five years, but I digress. I attended UCLA as an undergrad and then worked on […]