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Simplify Your Compliance Process by Going Paperless

Charlotte Shupert, Product Manager, Compliance Solutions for Evisions, wrote a blog post on simplifying the Compliance process.   Charlotte discusses that keeping in compliance with ever-changing guidelines requires mountains of paperwork and can lead to a slow review and approval process — if you’re not prepared.  Adopting an electronic system will free employees from hours of paperwork shuffling and do the documentation, so the  team can get on to the important thing — research.

10 things I wish all associate professors knew

I got my PhD in 1984.  During that time I’ve done research on students, faculty, and administrators.  I’ve seen different individuals and groups as “research subjects” as students, colleagues, and as friends.  I’ve developed some thoughts I’d like to share based on my research, my observations, and common sense.  By no means is this everything […]

Time to retire from online learning?

Forgive me for being personal in this post (well, it is a blog), but I also have a few important things to say professionally. The context I was 75 yesterday and as I’ve tried to do each birthday for the last 25 years, I spent the day skiing at Whistler. (A wonderful day: sunshine and […]

Augmented Reality – The Coolest Instructional Technology You’ve Never Heard of?

AR Tools are Being Used Today by Creative Educators in Fun, Innovative Ways, but few Know About it (yet). Educators are always looking for new ways to enhance learning and expand the horizons of students in an engaging and interactive way. Gone are the days when class plans were based around exercises from a text […]

Coherent, Coordinated, and Consistent Design of Online Courses

It’s not uncommon for online courses in higher education to include instructional resources from a wide range of sources. Resources may include digital content from textbooks (e.g. flashcards), images used in campus-based courses, freely available content from the Internet, print or ebooks from publishers, activities pulled from open education resource repositories, and others.  Some of […]

On Boycotts – Part II

I had written a week or so ago about the hope that USC would boycott JanSport because of their relationship to VF Corporation (the parent company), and VF’s unwillingness to adhere to certain standards to protect workers, particularly in Bangladesh. A student from SCALE (the Student Coalition against Labor Exploitation) contacted me and told me that […]

It’s 2014 – Can You Text Your Students?

Teachers and Administrators Should be Able to Communicate with Students Using Text Messaging (Without Using Their own Phones). Not too long ago, a teacher said to me, “It’s 2012, why can’t we text our students? That’s how they communication”. That stuck with me. Texting turned 20 years old in 2012 (wow!). According to ChaCha, way […]

Why successful consortia for online learning are so difficult

Fishman, R. (2013) State U Online Washington DC: The New America Foundation Fishman, R. (2014) Seeking Your Input on Online Consortia and Online Community Colleges WCET Frontiers It would seem obvious that there would be great advantage in building consortia for online courses, so that courses could be shared between institutions, thus saving institutions the cost […]

A new MOOC on how to do blended learning

Kelly, R. (2014) EDUCAUSE and UCF launching blended learning MOOC Campus Technology, 3 April EDUCAUSE and the University of Central Florida are offering a free MOOC called ‘BlendKit2014 – Becoming a Blended Learning Designer‘, which will run initially from April 21 to May 27. It is aimed primarily at faculty and instructional designers, will come away […]

No Permission

For some of you at selective institutions, you have a little more than 2 weeks to fill your class for this Fall. For most of you that admit more than you deny, May 1 isn’t what it used to be, but more importantly, you have more applications and more admits to try to persuade to enroll in the Fall. In either case, you have to use your time wisely with time and resources not necessarily on your side.
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