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St. Clair County Community College deploys strategic e-catalog solution designed to enhance student success, increase departmental efficiencies and put an end to the paper chase.



Martha Pennington
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Christy Wessel


Fisk University Selects Three Rivers Systems’ CAMS Enterprise as Its Higher Education ERP System

Cites Reliability, Ease of Use, and Improved Efficiency as Key Decision Criteria

St. Louis, MO: Fisk University, a private liberal arts university that is the oldest institution of higher learning in Nashville, Tennessee, has selected Three Rivers Systems’ CAMS Enterprise as its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Founded in 1866, Fisk has played a leading role in the education of African-Americans, with faculty and alumni who ha...


3D Printing can Inspire Collaboration and Innovation In Many Academic Subject Areas

A PSA to Parents & Teachers: Three Ways To Utilize 3D Printers with Kids for Educational Purposes As 3D printing continues to go mainstream, printers will become commonplace in schools and homes as they encourage hands-on learning. Just as the iPad made its way into classrooms across the nation, future generations will grow up with […]

Consortia as a Driver of Innovation

In the late 90s — during the “early years” of online higher education — many colleges and universities didn’t have the internal resources required to build, support and market online education. Some institutions saw fit to join online consortia; by pooling limited resources, each institution gained access to the resources they needed. Many of these […]

10 Creative Ways to Use Interactive White Boards in the Classroom

Inspiring Ideas to Help you get the Most out of the IWB in Your Classroom Over the last decade or so, Interactive White Boards (IWBs) have proliferated in schools in the U.S. and across much of the world. Some teachers have embraced them, and others, well … not so much. Unfortunately, some schools did not […]

Argos and FormFusion Users! 2015 Evisions Conference Registration Now Open

Join Evisions for a full day of education and networking with peers on Saturday, April 11th at the Marriott New Orleans.  Register today.  The 2015 Evisions Conference is where you'll learn some tips and tricks to take advantage of the tools you already have and will allow you to meet the mandates you get in your job. The Evisions Conference has sessions aimed at helping increase your institution's success using the Argos and FormFusion.


Online Master’s in Accounting

Keeping accounting records efficiently and retrieving them when needed are one of the most important and difficult jobs in any organization. Accountants all around the world make a lot of money with their jobs. Every accountant has dream to either become the Chief Financial Officer of a company or become a Partner in a prestigious accounting firm. They work day and night to pursue their dreams. Auditing, Treasury Management, Managing Cash flows ...


Why Online Education Is the Next Big Thing

It was just a few years back that the world experienced the first massive wave of e-learning and online education courses that has played a huge role in transforming the whole education model. The model of education that was been followed by the colleges and universities from centuries without any significant changes is now been questioned due to the increasing popularity of online education. After analyzing the changing phenomenon in education ...


Do you recognize between real and fake?

If you’re an experienced and intelligent person you will be better versed with the art of identifying between real and fake. Since the world is consist of different type of people who earn money in different ways. Some choose the right path and others walk on a complete wrong direction which they name a shortcut. This shortcut path deceives people and helps in earning easy money.

Education which is a field of nurturing people for a better life,...


Increase your level of satisfaction through Online Life Experience degree

For the people who are busy in their life and who are proud over with valuable work and life experience of their work are very less now, isn’t this strange? Yes because we may find people who are very busy in their professional life, yet, we can never measure their level of satisfaction. So, when we can’t measure their satisfaction level we can say that they are pleased with work, or not. Last year the survey was conducted and the result have ex...