SunGard Higher Education Mobile Connection Helps Institutions Deploy Mobile Strategy Quickly and Consistently Across Campuses

MALVERN, Pa, November 25, 2011 - Higher education institutions are meeting constituent demands for mobile applications and addressing the challenge of supporting multiple devices with the help of SunGard Higher Education’s Mobile Connection.

SunGard Higher Education’s Mobile Connection is a framework and set of starter applications that help institutions deploy and manage mobile strategies quickly, cost-effectively and more easily.  Since its introduction, more than 500 customers have licensed the framework, a collaborative community has developed, and mobile applications (m-Apps) are being built and shared. The flexible mobile framework is designed to support all types of campus-designed applications and deliver them to a variety of mobile devices, including Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices, Google Android-enabled smartphones, and RIM Blackberry devices. The Mobile Connection platform is based on the Rhomobile Rhodes open source framework.

“The SunGard framework lets us develop mobile apps across our district in a consistent way. We have one set of m-Apps and one framework, providing us with standardization across campuses,” said Deborah Ludford, district director, Information Services, North Orange County Community College District.  “Also, the framework lets us develop an m-App once and provide it to multiple device platforms.  We don’t have to do a separate m-App for Apple, and another for Droid and another for Blackberry.  Having this capability is critical because our students live in the mobile world.  If we can reach out and touch them in the mobile world, we will be more effective.”

The SunGard Higher Education Mobile Connection enables institutions to deliver m-Apps in several ways.  Institutions can quickly deploy a set of starter m-Apps that come with the framework, such as course schedules, grades, campus maps and events. Additional m-Apps from SunGard, including course catalog, holds, and account balance will be available as part of business area specific m-App bundles in 2012.  Institutions can also create new m-Apps themselves or they can download m-Apps and source code that other institutions have developed and shared through SunGard Higher Education’s Shared Code Repository.  Having access to the source code enables institutions to tailor the m-Apps to their needs.  For example, an institution could start with a directory m-App that was created by another institution, then add elements for email and a map locator specific to their campus. 

The University of Manitoba recently downloaded and tailored a Flickr photo m-App that had been submitted to the Shared Code Repository by another institution.  “It was easy to access the code via the repository and even easier to ‘plugin’ to my source code,” said Dave Cooke, web developer, Web Services, Enterprise Systems, IST, University of Manitoba.  “Within 10 minutes, I downloaded the code, plugged it into my source code, configured a few elements, attached a dummy Flickr account for testing and I was done.  There is huge value in SunGard Higher Education’s collaborative approach.  It significantly increases the value of the mobile application with very little effort on the part of the developer, and it’s free.”

In addition to institutions, the community of contributors to the Shared Code Repository can include vendors and education associations. Institutions that don’t have the resources to build and deploy m-Apps on the framework can contract with SunGard Higher Education to have the company build a turnkey, app-store-ready solution for them.  This option helps institutions quickly deploy a mobile solution while still retaining control over the source code.

Mobile Connection helps our customers make education more accessible by being everywhere their students want them to be,” said Michelle Reed, senior vice president, product management and marketing, SunGard Higher Education.  “We’re really pleased at how quickly our customer community is embracing this framework and collaborative opportunity to create something new and different.  This is a great example of our Open Digital Campus strategy in action.”

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