Seeking Input for Data Service

We are exploring a new data service offering and seek feedback from institutions. TTG has data and profiles for hundreds of vendors providing technology solutions for higher education. The profiles include information on products offered, technology overviews, company size, and key customers. We will be adding more profiles and more data.

We believe there is a need for objective, third party vendor research and that institutions are interested in access to the research on an annual subscription basis.  The annual fee for the service would cover unlimited users from your institution. The fee is not determined, and your suggestions are appreciated. TTG is considering the creation of a market score to accompany the profile data.

We have also heard that institutions are interested in access to private (no vendor) communities where information can be exchanged such as:

strategic plans
contract negotiation tips

I'm interviewing campus leaders now to inform the launch of the new service. The service could be available as soon as December 2014. If you would like to provide input, please email me at:, reply to this post or call me.  I'd love to hear from you.




Vicki Tambellini @VickiTambellini |October 27 2014, 02:20 PM|
Thank you to those who have reached out. This is what we have learned:

1. There is an unmet need for vendor data. CIO's are interested in detailed analysis of vendors providing ed tech solutions. CIO's want information relating to costs for planning purposes as well as data related to specific vendors if available.
2. CIO's are not certain about the value of a data service because it has not existed before. It's hard to value when it can't be seen or demonstrated. Generally, the subscription model is favored with access to premium reports when needed.

The annual fee for service is recommended to start at $5,000 for small institutions, $7,500 for mid-size institutions and $10,000 for large institutions.

The preference for focus (so far):

1. LMS including Lecture capture and multi-media, adaptive learning
2. Research
3. CRM
    CRM for Student Retention
     CRM for Recruiting
4. ERP

What do you think?
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