How do You Rate Your Technology Providers?

When asked by institutions to comment on solution providers in higher ed, the context of the conversation is important.

For example, if an institution with 5,000-10,000 students is thinking about replacing its Student system in 2017, I would have slightly different guidance than if the institution needed a solution in 2015. Regardless of the timing, I would encourage the institution to consider more than features and functions when evaluating new solutions.

Among the factors that I would consider, I recommend that institutions place some value on:

1. Vendor focus on higher education
2. Vendor / company culture
3. Ease of transacting business with the vendor
4. Current customer satisfaction
5. Current employee satisfaction / morale / turnover
6. Vendor renewal terms for maintenance or SaaS fees, if applicable
7. Ease of implementation
8. Availability of market resources knowledgeable about products / technology
9. Technology
10. Product functionality
11. Cost

Are there factors that are important to you that I've missed? TTG is finalizing a new TTG Vendor Scorecard that will be published in our Vendor Research center. As TTG has enough market data to score each vendor, vendors will receive a score which will reflect our opinion of the vendor.

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