Seven Ways to Prepare Your Research Office to Go Digital

Switching to an electronic system can be a daunting task for your research office, but with some tips, your team can ease the transition to an all-digital office. Amy Kimble of Evisions wrote a blog post on this subject with time-tested tips.

Detecting the use of essay writing services in college essays

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Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP Users! Seats Still Available for Evisions Research Conference

Attn: Evisions Research Suite Users!  There is still time to register for the 2014 Evisions Research Conference.  Following a great dinner and networking event on Sunday, July 27th, members of our user community will benefit from a day and a half of training, connecting with peers and the time to talk with the experts from Evisions. The conference is being held in beautiful Portland, OR.
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Cloud-based Compliance is Here! Evisions Announces the Release of Cayuse IRB

The Evisions Research Suite continues to evolve with the release of Cayuse IRB, an online protocol creation, submission and management solution. Cayuse IRB provides a comprehensive set of features in support of institutional review board (IRB) requirements.

Internet2 CIO to Discuss the Emerging Higher Education Community Cloud at Three Rivers Systems’ Annual Global Users Conference

St. Louis, MO – June 9, 2014 – Dr. Khalil Yazdi, CIO in Residence at Internet2, will be the keynote speaker on June 10 at Three Rivers Systems’ CAMS Connect annual users conference. His presentation “The Emerging Higher Education Community Cloud: What It Portends for the Future of IT in Education” will provide an overview of the research and education community’s Internet2 NET+ initiative that aims to leverage advanced networking and community e...

Electronic Invoice Processing Software


We would like to know if your school is using any electronic invoice procesing software (E-Invoicing). If you are, please provide me the name of the product.  Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Quyen Le
George Mason University


The Traditional and Modern Way of Learning

 Learning is a process that tends to develop each passing day. It is something that should be treasured rather than being taken for granted by most students. Learning especially when it happens to be more of academics is actually not an easy thing to deal with. Nothing is easy when you choose to learn and discover that is why school and the activities underlying it is something worthy to do. Through the years, it is really obvious that th...


New SIS Report: Oracle the most selected vendor for Student Information Systems in 2013

The Tambellini Group just released their 6th edition of the U.S Student Information Systems Market, Trends and Leaders research report.

This year there were some very interesting happenings in the SIS market.  Oracle moved to the top of the leader board as the most selected vendor in 2013 for Student Information Systems while Ellucian maintained its leadership position in market share.  The research report also showed that the SIS market is ...

Simplify Your Compliance Process by Going Paperless

Charlotte Shupert, Product Manager, Compliance Solutions for Evisions, wrote a blog post on simplifying the Compliance process.   Charlotte discusses that keeping in compliance with ever-changing guidelines requires mountains of paperwork and can lead to a slow review and approval process — if you’re not prepared.  Adopting an electronic system will free employees from hours of paperwork shuffling and do the documentation, so the  team can get on to the important thing — research.

Best Practices for Subrecipient Awards Management

Subrecipent awards management is not easy.  There are regulations to follow, subcontractors to keep tabs on, money to allocate and plenty of risks to manage. But when institutions combine forces, the potential for collaboration and scientific breakthroughs can often be enough outweigh all those frustrations — especially when the institutions are equipped with a few tools to make things go smoother.  Find out how to make it easier.