The Value of Perseverance

We find inspirational connections from many sources.  This week, the riding performance of Andrew Talansky in the Tour de France 2014 was inspirational.  The New York Times covered the story:  Refusing to Quit, American Is Surrounded by Cheers After a Lonely Finish.

Andrew Talansky suffered injuries and setbacks as he and his teammates on Team Garmin-Sharp tried to achieve a podium showing in the Tour de France race.  This was...

Random Reads

Occasionally, I will share three somewhat random articles that caught my attention that I think might spur some conversation (or at least make you ponder the ideas). I welcome your comments here — as well as articles you feel we should all be reading.  Enjoy!

The Differentiated University by The Parthenon Group (shared by Jeff Selingo)
Who Are Women’s Colleges For? by Kiera Feldman in The New York Times
The Future of Office Design by William L. ...


Be the Customer

You’ll hear me talk (and rant) about customer service and how I believe it’s the silver bullet to many institution’s issues building and maintaining a prosperous enrollment-to-endowment effort.  And frankly, it hasn’t been one of higher education’s strong suits.  But perhaps for some struggling to meet that first year enrollment this summer, keeping those you enroll or hitting that fund raising goal, some simple, ye...


The Perfect Storm (Graduate Edition)

This week I was provided an opportunity for the 21st consecutive year to speak at the National Association of Graduate Admission Professionals (NAGAP) conference this year in San Diego.  Over those two plus decades, I’ve seen the world of graduate professionals rapidly mature while facing challenging trends internally and externally to their campuses.
Graduate programs in the U.S. are facing what we have called in previous years when speak...


Going green on campus with mobile reading

Happy Earth Day to all!
In the spirit of today’s holiday, we thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight our newly acquired company, Matchbox, and how they’re saving trees while making admission officers’ lives a whole lot easier.
We chatted with Angel Navedo, the new TargetX Matchbox Director, about how the mobile and online reading tool can help your campus while doing their part to help save the world.
Q. In your experience, how mu...


Detecting the use of essay writing services in college essays

essay writing service

Essay mill is another name for an essay writing service that produces essays for students. An essay writing service is supposed to write an essay for a student that the student may pass off as their own work. There are a massive amount of essay writing services on the Internet, and as with most service industries you get your bad eggs. If you went to the high-quality content writing services like then you would get a piece that...

Dynamically Updating Gravity Forms Fields

I recently found myself needing to dynmically populate fields in a Gravity Forms form on my website. Here's how to do it.

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