No Permission

For some of you at selective institutions, you have a little more than 2 weeks to fill your class for this Fall. For most of you that admit more than you deny, May 1 isn’t what it used to be, but more importantly, you have more applications and more admits to try to persuade to enroll in the Fall. In either case, you have to use your time wisely with time and resources not necessarily on your side.
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The post No Permission appeare...


Change is coming

The first Recruitment Minute hit email inboxes in November 2002. Back then it was known as the “Email Minute,” because that’s how it was delivered and that’s what it was all about — email marketing. TargetX was a pioneer in email marketing.
But electronic communication grew and evolved, and so did TargetX. We focused on higher education as our niche and developed additional products and services to help colleges bu...


Getting serious about retention

Acceptance letters have been sent. YouTube videos posted as eager applicants open their letters. Deposits mailed in. It’s another full cycle completed in the college admissions process.
As we enter July, the incoming Class of 2013 is now preparing for the next step in their college journey while heading to Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target to stock up on all the college essentials. Colleges across the country are holding their orientations so...


Who's your customer

First, thank you for the lack of hate mail from last week’s Recruitment Minute, “What’s your business?” Maybe what I’m talking about here is beginning to resonate with the higher education industry (or perhaps everyone is just on vacation). But let’s not count our Mai Tais too soon. Today I’m talking about the other word that, when uttered on campuses, in my experience, renders even more disdain … ...


What's your business?

First, let me congratulate you on getting past that subject line and deciding to read on. For many of your colleagues, the word “business” might as well be a four-letter word.
Here at the annual UB Tech Conference in Orlando, we’re having that discussion specifically about cloud computing and its benefits for getting a college or university to focus on their business. I like to say, “do what you do best and outsource the ...


Put graphics in your info

Admit it, you can’t ignore a nice infographic, can you? One of those colorful, vertical, visual representations of a topic as complex as nuclear fission, that you’re now able to easily comprehend thanks to an emphasis of images over text.
Here’s an example that explains how social media lost its way (I didn’t even realize it had until I stumbled upon this).
Internet marketer James Hutto knows that we can’t tune ou...


Financial aid, a customer service test

As a former Director of Financial Aid, I still have a special place in my heart for helping students through the confounding process that is financial aid. I work with local students whose parents are unemployed, under-employed or worse yet, in the abyss occupied by throngs of middle-income families.
I volunteer with a remarkably talented but financially challenged group of young people. With the exception of their status as high-need students,...


A student's perspective

Applying to college has been a big part of my life for the past year and a half. It is an extremely important process for someone my age, looking ahead to where I’ll spend the next four years. But it’s definitely a process that could use some work! Here are some of the things I experienced, that I thought might be valuable to share with you.
I think simplifying applications would be beneficial to all colleges (and helpful to the ...



Let's get visual

I consider myself a “visual” learner. Draw out my thoughts on a whiteboard, watch a video tutorial, type out my weekly tasks in Evernote. So I wasn’t surprised to see Fast Company’s article “Fast Talk: The Visual Shift” — where industry experts were asked to weigh in on how businesses can adapt to our image-obsessed culture.
Experts from retail, news, government and more shared tips on how to infuse more...


Pinpoint what's hot on campus

Pinterest is growing up. The showy image-sharing social media site is not just about pinning pretty pictures anymore, says higher ed marketing specialist McKenzie Coco. Now colleges can measure user engagement thanks to a new built-in analytics tool.
“Pinterest has taken social media by storm, already catching up to Twitter in its short existence,” says Coco, founder and president of FSC Interactive, an online marketing agency that ...