Syndicate Your Blog on edu1world

I know many of our users are already bloggers and we encourage you to share your blogs with your colleagues  at edu1world, increasing your blog's distribution and readership.

Here is how: Login to the community in which you would like to syndicate your blog and find "Resource Center"
on the right sidebar. Click on "Autopost." This will take you to a new page. Click on "Insert RSS URL." Paste the URL of your RSS feed into the indicated box. (This is not the domain address of your blog but a separate feed address. If you don't know your feed address, go to and paste your blog's URL in the "Burn a Feed" box. This will show you what feeds are available. If you have a choice, choose an RSS feed instead of Atom. It works better).

Okay, now that you've pasted your feed address in the correct box, click on "Add URL." This will insert a link back to your blog at the end of the post.  Scroll down and click on "Save."  Scroll back up and click on "Read Now." Give it a few seconds, and click on "My Articles" link on the top of the page.  When you get back to your “My Articles” page, click on "Posts" in the left sidebar and your last several posts should be there. If they're not, you've done something wrong so start over or contact us at and we will walk you through it.

Once the feed is established, the system will automatically pull in your latest posts.

PLEASE NOTE: By adding your feed or blogging here directly, you are giving us your unrestricted but non-exclusive permission to use your content on this site.