Member Relationships Statement

Statement Regarding the Nature of edu1world

Member Relationships

Vicki T. Tambellini

President and CEO, Enterprise Hive and The Tambellini Group


We are sometimes asked by our registered members and

clients and members of the media if the financial interests

of our membership and sponsors influence the views of

edu1world and the papers we write, blogs we post and

comments we make. We strictly adhere to the following

guidelines and standards:


1. Enterprise Hive, LLC dba edu1world is not aligned with any
member, vendor, 
institution or organization.  Our vision is to
transparent and open communication between and
those who work with and care about technology in higher

education.   It is this vision that guides us.  We write

blogs and post comments based on information that has been

independently verified by a reliable source -- regardless of

whether or not a member, vendor, institution or

organization is a member, sponsor or client may take

issue with the content.  We have not and will not ever

compromise our integrity to accommodate the interests of

a member or sponsor.


2. We assist all members by helping them to categorize

the content that they post so that any member can easily

retrieve it in a topical search.


3. We assist all members by encouraging them to post

content that is of interest to the higher education

technology community.


4. We encourage all full-time faculty, staff and

administrators to register on edu1world and participate in

open and private communities with complete confidence

that personal information will never be shared with any

third party without your permission. Information regarding

participation in private communities and terms of use for
specific communities is published.  Please read the terms of
use related to each community that you participate in.

5. We have members who compete directly and indirectly

with each other for business in the education market

sector. Our membership includes representation from a

broad array of stakeholders, who often hold differing views

on technology issues. Our goal is to provide the

most comprehensive opportunity for collaboration available

and to encourage information sharing and knowledge transfer.

Our members may agree with each other or with us or

they may not. The exposure to a variety of perspectives is

central to the mission of edu1world. 


6. One of our primary goals is to provide well-researched

information that accelerates the awareness and adoption

of real solutions with the potential to solve higher

education technology problems. We are pleased to

highlight the solutions that our members offer to higher

education, but we also highlight many programs, products,

and applications that come from non-members.


7. We believe in learning from those who have been

successful in creating real solutions that are proven to

create efficiencies, serve students, faculty and staff more

effectively and generally serving the education community.


8. We are privately owned. The Tambellini Group owns the
majority interest in Enterprise Hive; therefore, we are not

obligated to any third party interests.