Getting Started With edu1world!

Welcome to, a virtual community for education administrative professionals, vendors, associations, supporters, and faculty. It is a community where members can connect, collaborate, communicate, and access the information they need in order to improve individual performance and effectiveness in their work.

As a registered member you can create your own profile and view the profiles of others. You can also leave comments, rate posts, and directly connect with other members. You can add your existing blog feed to the content flow or blog here directly.  Membership in is free. If you have chosen an Insider's Edge membership you also have access to the edu1 Research Center which provides up-to-date information on the software systems selected by more than 13,000 global higher education institutions.

To help you get started, we've put together a few simple instructions below. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail the edu1world support team at

Vicki Tambellini and the edu1world Team

Sign Up

Click the sign up link in the upper right corner and fill in the requested information. Take care in choosing an "Alias" because that's how your name will appear on your posts and comments.

Upload your  Photo

After you have registered and signed in you should create a profile and upload a headshot of yourself.

Click on "My Profile" (upper left corner). This will take you to your profile page. Click on the empty picture space to open the upload photo box. Choose a smallish headshot of yourself to upload. It'll take a few seconds before it is visible.

Create your Profile

Once you've uploaded a picture, click on "Edit" at the beginning of each block of information, fill in as much as you like, and when you're ready, click on the "Accept" button. You can click on "Permission" and specify which other members may view your profile. We highly encourage you to fill in a complete profile; you control what shows and to whom, and this is one way your colleagues can find and connect with you.

Start Your Own Blog or Create a Posts

If you would like to start your own blog on here is how to do begin:  Login and find "Create a Post" on the right sidebar of the all the communities. Click on it and a post page will open. Write your article, and then click "post.” You can save what you've written as a draft and publish it later." All of your posts constitute a blog, and you can see them all by selecting “My Posts” on the top menu bar. The URL you are taken to is the URL for your Blog.  

You may not be interested in creating a blog, but from time to time you do have interesting information related to education, technology or would like to share what you, your institution or association is doing. That is what edu1world is all about and we encourage you to share that information with the community. To do this simply Login and find "Create a Post" on the left side of the Home Community. Click on it and a post page will open. Create a headline and a summary, then write your article in the area marked “content” and hit "post.”

Be sure to tag your post with keywords so edu1world users and internet search engines can find your posts. Also available is the “Topics” relevant to education at the bottom of your post, to categorize the content of the post. Using the “Topics” will facilitate the searching and retrieval of your article.  The categories are grouped by “Topic Area” and those  available to select from are  “Higher Ed Interest “, “Institution Type”, “Geography”, “Marketplace”, “Content Format”, “Content Type”, and “Program Type”. 

Where do I find My Draft Posts?

If you did not finish and publish your post, it is saved as a Draft. Here is where you will find all your “Draft” posts and “Scheduled” posts:  Login and find the "Create a Post" icon on the left side of the Home Community.  Everything related to posts begins with the “Create a Post” icon. Click on “Create a Post” and a blank post page will open. You can now create a new post or complete a draft post.  You will also see on the right hand side “My Recent Drafts” and “My Scheduled Posts”.  Simply select the “Draft” post you are ready to finish and have at it.  Once you are finished, add some “Tags” (also known as keywords) and categorize the post with our edu1world education specific “Topics” then hit the “Post” button. 

Autoposting  From Your Existing  Blog to 

I know many of our users are already bloggers and we encourage you to share your blogs with your colleagues at edu1world, thereby increasing your blog's distribution and readership. Here is how: Login, enter the community where you want your blog posted and find "Member Toolbox" on the right sidebar. Click on "Autopost." This will take you to a new page. Click on "Insert RSS URL." Paste the URL of your RSS feed into the indicated box. (This is not the domain address of your blog but a separate feed address. If you don't know your feed address, go to and paste your blog's URL in the "Burn a Feed" box. This will show you what feeds are available. If you have a choice, choose an RSS feed instead of Atom. It works better).

Okay, now that you've pasted your feed address in the correct box, click on "Add URL." This will insert a link back to your blog at the end of the post.  Scroll down and click on "Save."  Scroll back up and click on "Read Now." Give it a few seconds, and click on "My Posts" link on the top of the page.  When you get back to your “My Posts” page, click on "Posts" in the left sidebar and your last several posts should be there. If they're not, you've done something wrong so start over or contact us at and we will walk you through it.

Once the feed is established, the system will automatically pull in your latest posts. All autoposted blogs are approved by our editors, it may take a few hours for your blog to appear in the community that you have selected.

PLEASE NOTE: By adding your feed or blogging here directly, you are giving us your unrestricted but non-exclusive permission to use your content on this site.

How Do I Find Articles That I am Interested In?

Login and you will see at the top and center of the edu1world Home Community a “Search” box with an open area where you type in what you think you are looking for. If you have a phrase or a name in mind, like “Dave Duffield” and you are looking for articles where that name or phrase is mentioned, then choose either "This community" or "All communities" then click the search button. You will see a list of all the articles where “Dave Duffield” is mentioned. You can search for specific things such as content, articles, wiki plus enter a date range through our Advanced Search.

How Do I Invite My Friends and Colleagues?  

First of all, make sure they aren’t already here. You can do that in 2 ways:

  1. Use the Advanced Search tool. Click on Advanced Search. Enter the name of the person and choose Personal Profiles in the "Search for" paragraph.

  2. Click on the “My Workplace” link at the top of the Home Community and you will be taken to the “My Workplace” page where you can manage your subscriptions, and other important actions like manage your connections.  On the right hand side you will see a section titled “My Connections”, select “Add Connections” and you will get a search box where you can search for your friends by email or alias.  Type in all or part of the email or alias (usually their first name) and select search. If you don’t see them there, click on the message “Did not find the person you were looking for” to invite them to edu1world.  You will need their email address, first name and last name.  You can add as many people as you want by inserting rows.

And, if you already know that they aren’t a member of edu1world and just want to go straight to the invitation, then click on this link to invite them now: 

We hope you will enjoy your edu1world membership.  Any suggestions, questions or problems, we would be pleased to hear from you, so please contact us at