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WCET Leadership Summit: Under the Sword of Data Features Don Norris & Linda Baer

Hello Action Analytics Community,
I'd like to invite you to the WCET Leadership Summit: Under the Sword of Data, taking place in Salt Lake City, UT June 12-13. Reserve your hotel room at the Marriott Salt Lake City Center by May 20th to take advantage of the discounted rate of $149.  

The topic is data analytics, it’s titled Living Under the Sword of Data, with an eye on how data affects student success and strategies or interventions that...


Gilfus Analytics Launched

Leveraging our history in the development of Learning Management Systems, Gilfus Analytics is an elite team of independent industry experts from the Gilfus Education Group focused on developing strategies for the development of Academic Analytics and eLearning Intelligence in education. The Gilfus Analytics team can develop a strategy around learning analytics for your organization.

What’s New in Analytics at EDUCAUSE?

Donald M. Norris


The Public Forum on Action Analytics will be placing a spotlight on “What’s New in Analytics at EDUCAUSE 2010.”  I will be posting a daily blog live from the EDUCAUSE conference, focusing on the following issues:

  • How Are Analytics Supporting the Reimagining of Higher Education?
  • What’s New in Predictive Analytics, Dashboards, and Visualization?
  • What Will LMS 3.0 Look Like and How Will Analytics Feature?
  • How Are Vendors Providing Affordable Analytics for Every Institution?
  • Who Are the New Vendors on the Scene and What Do They Have to Offer?



Predictive Analytics: Building a Crystal Ball on Student Success

September 29, 2010


AASCU and SCUP are jointly hosting a Webinar on Predictive Analytics, hosted by John Hammang of AASCU and featuring several of the key predictive analytics practitioners:  John Campbell, Purdue University; Vernon Smith, Rio Salado College; Sherry Woolsey, Ball State University; and Alex Ushveridze, Capella University.  This promises to be a “must-see” event for practitioners interested in the state-of-the-art in predictive analytics and how to embed such tools and practices into the fiber of processes and practices of colleges and universities...


What exactly do we want?

List specifics problems you face and what information would resolve the problem.


Framing Action Analytics and Putting Them to Work

Donald Norris, Joan Leonard, Louis Pugliese, Linda Baer, and Paul Lefrere - EDUCAUSE Review, January/February 2008

This electronic article accompanied the ”Action Analytics: Measuring and Improving Performance That Matters in Higher Education” article in the EDUCAUSE Review and focused on some of the particular uses to which analytics could be put in institutions.


Action Analytics: Measuring and Improving Performance That Matters in Higher Education

Donald Norris, Linda Baer, Joan Leonard, Louis Pugliese, and Paul Lefrere - EDUCAUSE Review, January/February 2008

This is the article from EDUCAUSE Review that defined Action Analytics, a revived approach to analytics that didn’t just enable action, but demanded it.  Action Analytics capitalizes on Web 2.0 technologies and the demands for greater accountability and performance improvement to set a new standard for analytics-guided initiatives that spanned PK-20, linked work and learning, and focused on the need to perpetually fill fresh knowledge.  This article also describes the organizational capacity building and change management necessary to achieve action analytics.


Predictive Modeling at Capella

Alex Ushveridze, Capella University - 1st National Action Analytics Symposium

Capella University is a leader in the effective, systemic embedding of predictive modeling for student success into their course offerings.  This presentation and demonstration shows how they do it and how they are able to model, measure, monitor, intervene, and enhance the student experience and performance.  It shows how this combination of tools enables Capella to increase application rates,  enrollment, and course attendance; improve academic performance; enrich the learning experience;, and improve learner persistence.


Building Capacity for Analytics within the Academic Environment

John P. Campbell, Purdue University - 1st National Action Analytics Symposium

Purdue University is one of the recognized leaders in Academic Analytics focusing on student performance. Dr. Campbell summarizes Purdue’s acclaimed Signals initiative, which enables faculty and students to receive real-time assessments, throughout the semester, of students’ performance in particular courses, normed against past experiences of successful students.  Students receive warnings when they deviated from proven success patterns.  The presentation emphasizes the importance of using simple, powerful applications to build organizational capacity and to create “actionable intelligence.”


Best Practices in Building Analytics Capacity

Kenneth A. Moore, SVP Sinclair Community College - 1st National Action Analytics Symposium

Sinclair Community College is recognized as a leading analytics practitioner.  Dr. Moore has led the combining of three units - Business intelligence, Institutional Research, and Student Services Research – into a robust institutional intelligence unit.  Strong focus  Robust data warehouse, data mining, predictive modeling, dash boarding are all part of Sinclair’s tools.  Next steps are getting into predictive modeling of financial aid default. optimal course pathways for learners, and optimal times for courses to be offered.