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Blackboard Acquires Moodlerooms, NetSpot

Blackboard Inc. announced a major investment in open source today with news that it has acquired Moodlerooms and NetSpot, two leading providers of open source online learning solutions to the education industry. Both organizations will continue to operate independently to support their clients.

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All Business Intelligence consultants are not created equal – How to ensure you get the best talent for your money.

Main Points:

  1. The supporting organization plays a significant role in resource quality
  2. Five questions to ask every BI consultant

Learning from Analytics Best Practices in Other Sectors

Donald M. Norris

Higher education leaders are grappling with the challenges of using analytics in reimagining and reinventing their processes and practices, in response to changing conditions and “The New Normal.”  In the process they are turning to many sources for insight and inspiration.

Some sources are obvious, such as institutions that are successful in using analytics to enhance student access, affordability and success and to focus on...


Bridging Intellectual and Technological Innovations: The Collaborative Culture of Assessment

Recently, the IEEE Learning Technology Newsletter published an article titled Bridging Intellectual and Technological Innovations: The Collaborative Culture of Assessment written by my colleague, Stacy Sculthorp, and me.

While we were writing this article we wondered how others engage faculty in building a collaborative culture of assessment given the foundation of existing intellectual and technological innovations. Specifically, what were your experiences, challenges, and solutions that resulted in best practices?

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Juanita Ikuta, PhD
Stacy Sculthorp, MA

Assessment and Learning Analytics
Capella University


Metrics: Do Metrics Matter?

Alison Abbott , David Cyranoski , Nicola Jones , Brendan Maher , Quirin Schiermeier & Richard Van Noorden - Nature, June 17, 2010

Many researchers believe that quantitative metrics determine who gets hired and who gets promoted at their institutions. With an exclusive poll and interviews, Nature probes to what extent metrics are really used that way.


Measuring Quality in Higher Education: An Inventory of Instruments,Tools and Resources

Association for Institutional Research

AIR has assembled a web site to provide an inventory of resources designed to assist higher education faculty and staff in the challenging task of assessing academic and support programs as well as institutional effectiveness, more broadly.  The items in this inventory are divided into four categories: instruments (examinations, surveys, questionnaires, etc.); software tools and platforms; benchmarking systems and data resources; projects, initiatives and services. They can be searched using keywords or through a set of filters that include the unit of analysis, the targeted level of assessment, and the subject of measurement.


In Their Own Words: Effectiveness in Institutional Research

William E. Knight - Professional File, Number 115, Association for Intitutional Research, Spring 2010

This study by the Association for Institutional Research seeks to understand and improve effectiveness in institutional research (IR) by interviewing, observing, and analyzing resumes of IR practitioners who have been identified by their colleagues as particularly effective in having an impact on decision-making, planning, and policy formation.


The National Agenda for Action Analytics

Donald Norris, Linda Baer and Michael Offerman - October 15, 2009

In September 2009, we developed a National Agenda for Action Analytics in American Higher Education, based on deliberations from the First National Symposium on Action Analytics in Higher Education.  The agenda called for raising foundation funding, creating an Action Analytics Community of Practice, and staging a second National Symposium, to advance a community-based approach to developing and disseminating best practices.  All three of these objectives have been achieved and the Second National Symposium on May 5-7, 2010 will launch the Community of Practice and refine a set of protocols, processes, and practices for the Action Analytics Community of Practice.  Read more…