WCET Leadership Summit: Under the Sword of Data Features Don Norris & Linda Baer

Hello Action Analytics Community,
I'd like to invite you to the WCET Leadership Summit: Under the Sword of Data, taking place in Salt Lake City, UT June 12-13. Reserve your hotel room at the Marriott Salt Lake City Center by May 20th to take advantage of the discounted rate of $149.  

The topic is data analytics, it’s titled Living Under the Sword of Data, with an eye on how data affects student success and strategies or interventions that...


Gilfus Analytics Launched

Leveraging our history in the development of Learning Management Systems, Gilfus Analytics is an elite team of independent industry experts from the Gilfus Education Group focused on developing strategies for the development of Academic Analytics and eLearning Intelligence in education. The Gilfus Analytics team can develop a strategy around learning analytics for your organization.

All Business Intelligence consultants are not created equal – How to ensure you get the best talent for your money.

Main Points:

  1. The supporting organization plays a significant role in resource quality
  2. Five questions to ask every BI consultant

What’s New in Analytics in Higher Education?

Donald M. Norris


The attached White Paper synthesizes the interviews and feedback from industry vendors, thought leaders, and practitioners, started at the EDUCAUSE conference and continued afterward.  It focuses on the leading edge of Action Analytics – the best practices that may lead to breakthroughs.


Read the entire paper to learn about vision and best practices in the following eight areas concerning how to succeed with analytics:


  1. Begin with a clear focus on what it will take to improve student access, affordability, and success – then raise the stakes even higher;
  2. Open up access to data to all and broaden the scope of date used in analytics;
  3. Create the next generation of analytics applications: enterprise-wide, affordable, and user friendly;
  4. Deploy new modes for users to engage and visualize data and new means of alerting, intervening, and “nudging” users toward success;
  5. Use embedded, predictive analytics to optimize performance;
  6. Create  culture of performance measurement, improvement, and optimization;
  7. Expand institutional analytics to include K-20 and workforce analytics; and Utilize Action Analytics to support reimagining higher education, post recession. 

Analytics: The New Path to Value

How the Smartest Organizations Are Embedding Analytics to Transform Insights Into Action

MIT Sloan Management Review and the IBM Institute for Business Value - Research Report, Fall 2010

In this research report, the MIT Sloan Management Review in collaboration with the IBM Institute for Business Value have surveyed nearly 3,000 executive managers worldwide to gauge how the smartest companies are already restructuring their organizations by utilizing analytics to fully take advantage of increases in information richness to gain a competitive advantage.   


Case Study: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

iStrategy - HigherEd Analytics Suite

This case study outlines how iStrategy was able to use their HigherEd Analytics Student Module to "enable a culture of informed decision-making at UMBC, on an everyday operational level and strategic planning level."


A New Age of Learning Management Analytics

Louis C. Pugliese, President, Moodlerooms

This white paper explores how the increased use of Learning Management Systems in higher education is changing the playing field for how institutions do business and offers a great opportunity for affordability and efficiency for the future.


The First Day of EDUCAUSE: What’s New in Analytics at EDUCAUSE? – Conversations on October 12.

Donald M. Norris

Tuesday was kickoff day at EDUCAUSE, and we used the occasion to talk with a number of analytics leaders who have perspectives on new developments today and in the future.  Their full interviews will be posted and linked to our site, as will white papers, case studies, and applications briefs.  Keep following the posts over the next week as the full body of knowledge supporting these conversations is built.


Follow this link for interview summaries from the first day of EDUCAUSE.



What’s New in Analytics at EDUCAUSE?

Donald M. Norris


The Public Forum on Action Analytics will be placing a spotlight on “What’s New in Analytics at EDUCAUSE 2010.”  I will be posting a daily blog live from the EDUCAUSE conference, focusing on the following issues:

  • How Are Analytics Supporting the Reimagining of Higher Education?
  • What’s New in Predictive Analytics, Dashboards, and Visualization?
  • What Will LMS 3.0 Look Like and How Will Analytics Feature?
  • How Are Vendors Providing Affordable Analytics for Every Institution?
  • Who Are the New Vendors on the Scene and What Do They Have to Offer?



Learning from Analytics Best Practices in Other Sectors

Donald M. Norris

Higher education leaders are grappling with the challenges of using analytics in reimagining and reinventing their processes and practices, in response to changing conditions and “The New Normal.”  In the process they are turning to many sources for insight and inspiration.

Some sources are obvious, such as institutions that are successful in using analytics to enhance student access, affordability and success and to focus on...