All Business Intelligence consultants are not created equal – How to ensure you get the best talent for your money.

Main Points:

  1. The supporting organization plays a significant role in resource quality
  2. Five questions to ask every BI consultant

Accountability and Innovation in Higher Education

Ben Wildavsky, Senior Fellow, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - Excerpt form the Kauffman Thoughtbook 2007

Wildavsky describes the need for real measurement of higher education outcomes, such as the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) and other means.


Training Tomorrow's Workforce: Community College and Apprenticeship as Collaborative Routes to Rewarding Careers

Robert I. Lerman - Center for American Progress, December 2009

This paper explores the potential for increasing valued and marketeable skills in our nation's workforce by scaling up apprenticeship programs, especially in combination with community colleges and other postsecondary education programs.


Building the Next Generation Educational Technology Tools to Support Action Analytics

Kim Pearce and Jeff Grann, Office of Assessment & Institutional Research, Capella University - 1st National Action Analytics Symposium

This presentation describes how Capella University developed the intellectual and technical infrastructure to deeply embed analytics in its offerings and experiences.  This involves defining, measuring, and providing comprehensive feedback on student learning and developmental outcomes and progress, using competence-focused templates and rubrics that are a fundamental part of every course.  Course competencies and criteria are reported on and managed. The presentation goes on the report on Capella’s aspirations for transparency on outcomes and competences, which it plans to share with the profession to elevate the level of faculty performance in defining and developing competences in students.