Saving drafts and accessing your drafts and future posts

6/18/2010 3:06:18 PM|Filed under: Commons Help

Saving drafts and accessing drafts or future posts


When you click 'Post' after you start a discussion, it will immediately post to the discussion board, which is the center area in each community.  It becomes immediately accessible to the whole community.

There is also the ability to save content as a draft if you are not ready to post it to the community.

You must initiate all posts the same way - by selecting 'Start a Discussion', this is in the right side panel for all of the Commons communities.  That will launch the editor.  You must have a 'Title' and 'Content'.  You may allow the system to default the discussion summary from the content, or you may manually populate the summary.

* You may scroll to the bottom at any time afterwards to save as 'draft'.

It is recommended to scroll down and select any and all appropriate topics that are relevant for this post.  These serve to index your content for easy retrieval in the future.

The topics are identified in the 'Advanced Options area - under the 'Categories' tab.

The discussion 'summary' is what displays in the center discussion board, prior to any discussion being specifically selected.  If you wish to manually populate the 'Summary' area for your discussion, then Select the 'Summary' tab - and then enter your summary content directly or you may select the 'Generate Summary' button to force an extract from the content that you may then edit accordingly.  By default, the system will generate a summary from the main content area.  However, each author has the ability to customize what they want as the summary.

If you began a post, but don't want to post it yet, then you may save it as a draft; but if complete, you may post it immediately.

* The buttons at the bottom are 'Post', 'Save as Draft' and 'Cancel'.

There are also 'advanced options' to allow you to Publish on a different date rather than immediately,  or to post your discussion article into multiple communities at once.

Selecting 'Post' will immediately post your discussion in the community.  Selecting 'Save as Draft' will hold/reserve the content that you already entered into a draft, and it is accessible only by you.

Once you have drafts stored for a community, or a post that is 'future dated', then you will have an additional link enabled for you on the navigation bar, this is for accessing your drafts - it is labeled 'My Drafts'


The 'My Drafts' will only display if you have anything saved in draft, or future dated.  Notice the comma; the 1st count is for items stored in draft, and the second number is items future dated.  Anything that is future dated is essentially regarded as a draft because it can be edited and revised before posted to the community.  Selecting 'My Drafts'  allows you to edit your draft items.  Once you have completed changes, you can post it to the community.



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