Setting personal favorite communities

6/18/2010 3:08:08 PM|Filed under: Commons Help

Favorite Communities within the Commons

Once you are logged into the Commons, you may maintain quick access links to the Commons communities that you access frequently.

Within each Commons community, the Navigation bar is positioned just below the top banner.

You will find 'My Favorites' to the far right on the Navigation bar.            

Select ‘My Favorites’ and you have the ability to add or remove the current community from your favorites.  The display of 'My Favorites' also includes a count of communities already in your favorites list.  Beneath the (add / remove) function is the display of active links to all of your personal favorite communities. Simply click on the community name within your list if you wish to transfer to that community.


Clicking on 'My Favorites' will toggle the drop-down list to display or collapse.

- This feature allows you to add and remove communities in your personal favorites and to navigate to them quickly.   Once you have added communities to your favorites, you can click 'My Favorites' and it will open a drop-down list of the communities in your personal favorites.  Each one will be an active link to allow you to easily navigate to that community.  If you click on 'My Favorites' again, it will close the drop-down list.



Don Bernstein @DonBernstein |October 27 2010, 04:32 PM|
I think "Add Favorite" would be more easily understood.
Glen Gunselman @GlenGunselman |November 09 2011, 05:31 PM|
Nice to know.


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