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Navigating the Commons and its Sub-Communities

You may select sub-communities from the Commons main page by using the Commons Community Listing on the center of the Commons main page 

The Commons main community has an ‘accordion style’ widget, whereby you may move your cursor over any of the Commons community categories on the left (SunGard Higher Education Solutions, Topics, Community Source Initiative, Development Partners and Focus Groups, Geography, Client User Groups, Advisory Boards) and the image will dynamically change to display that grouping of communities with their links.
This allows you to quickly scan the selection of communities by category groupings.

* There is also a Commons site map navigation panel available from all communities via the ‘All Communities’ link in the Navigation bar. 
This provides a fast 1-click display.

Select 'All Communities' to open the display list of communities that displays on the Commons home page.
This will overly the display in your current community, and include a close button 
in the upper right corner.


Each community name displayed is an active link to the respective community.  When you are already a member in the community or pre-authorized by your customer status, you will have immediate access if you are already logged into the system.  Community names that are not preceded with a lock icon should be accessible to all customers.  Communities with a lock icon will require that you request to be invited to join if the community welcomes additional members, such as for focus groups.

When you click on a link to a community - you will transfer into the community, or to a landing page if it is a community with a lock icon and you are not yet a member.  When you click and access the community, you have joined and are a member of the community.

[Note: the display of communities above is a static image.  The Commons is evolving and the actual display of communities may differ.]


Deno Tufares @DenoTufares |August 04 2010, 03:43 PM|
I would like to see the BGRADPROF listserv as a User Group option - this was created years ago for Graduate and Professional schools...

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