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Using the Commons

Registration and setup to parallel Listserv
    Complete step-by-step for next four topics
      1 - Registering for the Commons
      2 - How to Join Communities
      3 - How to setup Commons full article digest
      4 - How to setup community full article feeds
    Other cool notification options

Navigation and Personal Settings
    Navigating the Commons
    Setting personal favorite communities
    Platform features - edu1world Home (Community Index), MyWorkplace, MyProfile, MyPosts
    Platform features - Change Email Address, Change Password, Change Photo

Searching and tagging content, Finding previous discussions and my communities
    Searching in the Commons
    Topics and Tags

  Finding previous discussions and seeing a list of my communities
    Finding a Previous Discussion Within a Community

a List of All Communities Where I am a Member
    Subscribe to a discussion (post) and Returning to the discussion


    Create a Post (Start a discussion)
    Drafts - Saving drafts and accessing drafts and future posts
    Forwarding a Discussion
    Identifying yourself with your institutional affiliation
    Getting friends and colleagues on the Commons
Job Postings
    Posting Options - post with an attachment or embedded link
    Requesting a new community

Subscribing to content
  Types of subscriptions
    Subscribing to community contributions (all types)
    Setting up email notifications
    Setting email notification frequency and digest format
      How to set up Full article digest
      How to set up Summary email digest
      Instant email notifications
    Setting up RSS Feeds

  Types of content
    Follow an author
    Follow a post, subscribing to an individual post

    Follow comments on your own posts
    Subscribe to RSS feeds using keywords

 Terminology Clarifications
     Terminology clarification, Discussions, Posts, Articles
Terminology clarification, Communities and Groups

     Using the Collaboration Wiki




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