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8/23/2010 10:50:19 PM|Filed under: Commons Help

Comments on your posts

You may want an email notification when anyone comments on your posts.
You only need to set this once, and not for each post.

You maintain your email notification settings by accessing 'MyWorkplace', which spans your activities across all communities on the platform.  (You may also establish email notifications from within each community, using the 'Feeds' module on the right side panel, selecting the link for email notifications.)

 MyWorkplace is a link enabled in the upper left of all pages.


- Then Select the 'Settings' tab

 - Locate the Admin module in the right side panel and select the link for 'Email notifications'


Your email notifications panel will open, with the 1st tab open - Group Notifications,
from which you may set your preferences for types of content you wish to subscribe,
on a community-by-community basis.

  - To monitor comments on your posts, select the 2nd tab - User notification,
where notifications are maintained for content by individual users.


 - Check (or verify) that the checkbox is marked for Contributor post comments

 - Click 'Save" (to apply your settings)


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