Finding a Previous Discussion Within a Community

10/25/2010 4:56:57 PM|Filed under: Commons Help

You may recall having seen a prior discussion in which you have an interest at a later time, and need to search for it.  It may no longer appear in the viewing panel of discussions for the community.  You may recall enough that you can perform a content search (the search could span all communities or be restricted to a specific community), or you may wish to view the discussions within a specific community from a longer time period.  This help topic focuses on discussions within a community. The display of discussions will always default to only recent discussions displayed in summary format. 

The discussion board is the center of each community.  There may be a smaller framed grouping of discussions at the top, selected by the moderator, to feature content that they would like to stand out. By default all discussions will enter the main frame of discussions and they will display with the most recent on top  (i.e. in reverse chronological order by date).   The moderator may choose it as a featured discussion, which places it in the grouping of discussions at the top. Once content is no longer featured, it will revert to the main discussion frame in its relative order by date.

 - Scroll to the bottom of the center discussion panel

 - Select "Browse all articles in chronological order"


and the center display will adjust - allowing you to change the display content and format. 
"Filter" may be set on the left to adjust the time span, and you may narrow the selection using the drop-down on the right. 
'View" may be set from the icons below the Filter.

  * Filter - to select the time span (Recent / Past 30 days / All dates)
                You may also narrow the selection by using the drop down selection on the right
                 if you know the content was indexed by a 'Topic' within the community (listed as categories),
                 or by popularity or rating - per the choices above the categories 

  * View - to set the amount of content to display for each discussion, but all display formats include links to the discussions
                ['Headlines' displays the least amount of data, 'Forum Like' will add the author and count of comments along with
                those links, 'Summary' will provide the discussion summary - as in the default view, 'Full' will include the
                full content of the discussion]

                The view may be set at the top or the bottom of the list.  The view icons at the bottom are annotated with the hover text for each icon.

You may consider beginning with headlines or forum-like view to limit the data that you are browsing and adjust the view as needed.


To refresh your view of the community to the default view at entry,

 - Click the 'Community Welcome' on the Navigation bar

   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 - If you still can't find a discussion and suspect it is missing from the community?

If the content is no longer available, a few things could have happened.  Each contributor has the ability to edit and remove their own content, at which point it is no longer accessible.  The community moderator also has the ability to perform that function for all community contributions.  However, moderators are not likely to remove meaningful content, but perhaps remove time-sensitive information that is no longer useful and may be perceived as clutter.  For example, announcements for conferences, special events or meetings and reminders about deadlines may all be distracting clutter after the events have passed.


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