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edu1world is a professional social community network exclusively for higher education CIO's, Administrators, Professionals, Faculty, Associations and Commercial Organizations who develop, support and work with technology solutions. It is the fastest growing community for higher education on the internet with over 40,000 members from around the world. Share lessons learned, research best practices and vendor solutions, stay on top of technology trends, and access the expert content you need to succeed.


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Higher education professionals and The Tambellini Group analysts share news and insights focused on hot education technology issues.

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Connect with colleagues who share the same interests and work in the similar positions around the world.

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With an edu1world membership you have  exclusive, instant access to the software applications and technology platforms of over 13,000 colleges and universities.

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HiveSocial for Higher Education is a powerful, full featured engagement platform that can replace your portal or bring engagement to your existing portal.